Can You Hang and Hold Yourself for Just Under Two And A Half Minutes?

  • Because this guy did and it's why he's alive today.

Are you a thrill seeker and adventurous? You love hang gliding, mountain climbing, skydiving, and bungee jumping?

Have you ever been scared to do these things? Full out refused or maybe tried but eventually had to back out?

It’s understandable to have a little bit of a fear especially because, even with all the safety precautions and systems put into place, things still happen. And that is what this story is all about.

His first time as a hang glider and Chris Gursky found himself literally holding on for his life. He called it an “unexpected twist.” I call it scary AF! (And I LOVE almost all things thrill.)

The Florida man posted a video on Monday of his first time venture into hang gliding. The instructor forgot to attach his safety harness. (Side note: are you freaking kidding me?)

Gursky is seen grabbing whatever he can while the tandem pilot frantically tries to find a safe place to land while in mountainous Switzerland. This guy kept his humor about him though:

“Thinking nice view … I’m gonna die!”  while he literally held on for dear life.

Gursky said he had to hang on while gliding down for a full 2 minutes and 14 seconds. Yike.

Gursky said that it was the first day of his recent vacation with his wife, Gail, in central Europe. He joked: “BASE jumping tomorrow?”

Gursky escaped death with a broken wrist as a result of the landing and torn biceps after hanging for so long.

He said that the pilot made a “critical error” in not attaching the safety harness to him preglide. In the same breath, he praised him for doing ‘everything that he could to get them down to the ground as quickly as possible and grabbing onto his harness and flying with one hand.’

He said he wasn’t angry with him and commented, “He did all he could and more. He is a good guy.”

Odd news but an alive and happy ending.