Company Installs Optical Illusion Floor Just To Screw With People

  • A UK design company installed this insane floor in an office hallway
  • Over 400 tiles create the 'bent' look
  • The company installed the optical illusion to stop people from running down the hall
Optical Illusion Floor

Casa Ceramica is making sure anyone who visits their offices leaves feeling a little nauseous but slightly amazed. The UK-based company installed a ceramic tile floor that’s sure to make even the soberest person feel as though they’ve downed a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Over 400 individual tiles are arranged to make the floor looks as though it has a giant slope in the middle, but it’s completely level.

Here’s a demonstration of the mind-twisting optical illusion.

“The inspiration was to create an entrance themed on illusions and [exceed] expectations of how tiles can be used,” a company rep told the website  INSIDER in an email exchange.

Casa Ceramica also commissioned a local artist to illustrate quotes on the walls of the entranceway and an inspirational poem in memory of the victims of the Manchester concert attack.

To add insanity to the optical illusion floor, the trick only works when people face the showroom entrance. The perceived dent in the flooring disappears when looking from the opposite end of the hallway.

Here’s a quick video on how the floor was laid out.

The company installed the optical illusion floor to prevent people from running in the hallway. It must also be hell on package delivery drivers and first-time visitors.

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