A New York Dog Pays For Her Own Treats

  • Holly, a 5-year-old black canine, gives her humans money for treats
  • She currently has $87 to her name and has her own piggy banks
Courtesy of The Dodo/Casi Cook

Aw, who’s a good girl and knows the value of a buck?

Meet Holly, a five-year-old New York canine who doesn’t beg for treats—she pays for them.

Her bizarre obsession with Benjamins began when she was just a baby, according to her owner, Casi Cook. “She was a thief, just like any puppy,” Cook said. “She used to steal stuff out of all our bags, including money, and instead of chasing her around the house we would kind of bribe her with treats. So when she had money in her mouth, we didn’t want her to eat it, so we would say, ‘Here Holly, take the treat and give me the money,’ so it clicked in her head, if she has the money, she will get treats.”

Cook is a waitress and relies on tips. Whenever she counts the night’s gratuities, Holly comes running at the first sound of change rattling. “When Holly hears us counting money, within seconds she is sitting with her head right on your lap nudging your hands until you give her a dollar,” Cook said in an email.

Two separate containers in the kitchen serve as “piggy banks” for Holly. “All the money that is around the house is the money she uses to ‘pay’ for her treats. When she pays, we put it in the bank until she runs out of money around the house. And then we restock her up.” (She currently has around $87).

Courtesy of The Dodo/Casi Cook

To show off her skills, her humans will occasionally ask her for a dollar, and she’ll search the house for one. But for the most part, she’s proactive—she knows the concept of goods and services. Cook says, “When we are at the dinner table, she will quietly walk up to one of us and just gently place a dollar on our laps and look at us with that puppy face.”

While Cook realizes money is pretty dirty, Holly’s obsession has been going on for more than four years, and she’s never had any health issues. Besides, some dogs have been known to eat their own poop, so what’s a buck or two going to hurt?

She added, “there is nothing we can do about having a dog who is passionate about money. There’s no stopping that now! Aside from being a crazy money lady, Holly is the sweetest, smartest dog I’ve met.”