New Jersey, 500 Pounds of Cooked Pasta, and a Political Issue

  • You’d think that New Jersey, 500 pounds of cooked pasta, and politics have nothing in common. But it’s not true and here's the story.

When it comes to New Jersey, cooked pasta and politics, the thing they have in common is they’re all involved in this weird story.

So, about 500 pounds of cooked pasta was found dumped next to a stream. A concerned citizen contacted Nina Jochnowitz, who ran for council in the town’s 6th ward previously.

She shared the bizarre discovery with Jochnowitz who went to the area herself and decided to take some pictures. She posted them to her social media account on April 26th.

The town was notified but did nothing about the pasta dump.

Jochnowitz immediately attempted to reach the town administrator and the public works in regards to the heaps of cooked pasta and her pictures. Her post, including the pasta pictures like spaghetti, elbows and ziti. The pastas were dumped in a 25-foot-wide area.

Her original post got a lot of attention on Facebook.  And then to follow up, two days later, Jochnowitz did post an update stating that the cooked pasta had all been hauled away from the site. 

She was disappointed it took posting to Facebook and calling the city out for them to do anything about the messy property, which is owned by Old Bridge. Side note: while not necessarily related, Old Bridge is the only town in Middlesex County that doesn’t have bulk garbage pickup. 

No one has been identified as a suspect in the cooked pasta dump. It’s unclear as to if the police are looking into the incident. Jochnowitz did not file a police report regarding her original complaint. 

Neither the township’s business administrator, police spokesman and town council president commented.

What would you do if you saw 500 pounds of pasta in huge mounds beside a river? Such a weird crime and why would someone dump all that cooked pasta anyhow?