A S***ty Situation — Woman Claims Neighbors Are Dumping Buckets of Poop in Others’ Yards

  • What can you do when no one wants to help you and the s*** won’t stop hitting the fan?

Some people are just s***ty neighbors. But for one Arkansas woman, that phrase has become disgustingly literal.

Erica Craig lives just outside the city of North Little Rock in Pulaski County. She claims she has been dealing with a gross, smelly problem for years.

According to Craig, her neighbors are far from sanitary. She says they have been defecating in buckets and dumping the feces onto her — and other neighbors’ — property.

And they’ve been at it for three years.

“They have been taking their feces in buckets and dumping it at the back of their property, and then across the street at another person’s property,” Craig told KATV.

“They have been dumping it on their property, too,” she added.

You’d imagine that local sanitation authorities would quickly address such a clear public health hazard. But Craig says that despite her contacting every department she can think of, no one has done anything about the crap issue.

Meanwhile, the s*** just keeps flowing.

‘When the Wind Blows, It’s Awful’

According to Craig, the poop dumping has been going on for the past three years. It has made her life absolutely miserable — not to mention stinky.

“Oh, god! When the wind blows, it is awful,” she exclaimed.

“You cannot even sit outside. You cannot even sit in that backroom back there with the door open because [the smell] just consumes the house.”

It’s not just Craig dealing with the problem. The s*** flows into neighboring properties too, and not always because it’s actively being dumped there.

Craig claims that her neighbors have a porta-potty on their property. However, it has no collection system whatsoever — it’s hollow and allows the poop to simply wash down into ditches and others’ properties.

Craig’s parents have lived in their home nearby for the past 32 years. Craig says they’ve suffered as long as she has since crap has been washing onto their yard for three years.

Not all the neighbors are as patient about getting the issue resolved as Craig and her parents are. Many of them have moved away.

“Everybody around them has sold their houses, which is leaving the ones that are still left here to just kind of sit and suffer,” says Craig.

Getting Sick of It (Literally)

Naturally, constantly living around human waste is not healthy. Craig claims she and her family have gotten seriously sick — potentially because of all the poop.

She says she’s had to go to a hospital because of organ failure. However, the doctors were unable to determine the cause of the issue.

“They did not know what caused it and that is after they [the neighbors] had started doing that [dumping poop],” said Craig.

Additionally, her father has seen doctors multiple times and was briefly taken seriously ill. Once again, they couldn’t figure out what happened to him.

“Nobody is thinking it was because of human waste, so that is not something they are looking at,” laments Craig.

No Official Assistance

It’s not like Craig hasn’t tried resolving the problem. She has — but no one seems interested in helping her.

She has talked to the neighbors and even offered to help them get their sewage system in order, claims Craig. However, according to her, they’re not taking the situation seriously and refuse to change their ways.

Since talking to the perpetrators failed, Craig has turned to the officials. She hasn’t had much more luck there.

“I have contacted so many different departments and none of them have done anything about it,” Craig said.

It seems Craig is running into issues with jurisdiction. The area she lives in appears to be so remote that no one is exactly sure whose responsibility it is.

Although she lives in North Little Rock in theory, Craig’s property is some 300 feet outside the city limits. So, the city authorities will not lift a finger to help her.

What about Pulaski County, then? No such luck — the county says it doesn’t have authority over sewage management.

Instead, the County advised Craig to contact the Arkansas Department of Health. They, in turn, have done nothing but send unhelpful reminders about sewage regulations.

“All sewage must be deposited in sanitary sewers, sewage treatment facilities, septic tank systems, or other systems or devices adequate to meet the needs of the people being served,” the Arkansas DOH told KATV.

That’s a fantastic rule. So why is no one interested in enforcing it, we wonder?