Missing Grandma Found Inside a Huge Python

  • She just wanted to go out for a walk.

A missing grandma vanished just after a walk. Jahrah, 54, went for a walk to collect rubber in a forest near her family home in Jambi, Indonesia.

Concerned relatives reported her missing when she didn’t return from the jungle. Search parties organized by locals began by searching through the dense woods in the Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency.

Soon after, residents and police stumbled upon the 7m-long python with the grandma inside its swollen tummy.

The mammoth python was spotted with the bulge in its belly, in a clearing among the trees while hunting for Jahrah last Sunday, two days after her disappearance. The snake’s stomach was sliced open and their worst fears were confirmed, the 54-year-old missing grandma had been swallowed whole by the python.

Footage shows the gran’s remains as they rotted inside the snakes digestive tract. The video also shows her freaked out friends as the giant snake is cornered and its stomach cut open.

They found the gran curled up inside the bloated snake before both the snake and her were covered in a blue tarpaulin sheet. Her body was largely intact, as were the clothes she was wearing, despite being eaten up by the slippery snake.

Anto, the head of the Terjun Gajah village where Jahrah lived, said the python was thought to have bitten the gram with its fearsome fangs. The snake would have suffocated her by wrapping itself around her until she stopped breathing.

The ordeal would have lasted about two hours and in the end, the missing grandma was swallowed up.

Anto added: “The victim did not come home after saying goodbye to her family to go to the garden collecting rubber from trees on Friday.”

“Her family then reported her missing to the local authorities, and a search has been carried out since then.”

“Residents killed the snake and dissected its stomach contents.”

“Everyone was astonished. It turned out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach.” It would have taken the python weeks to fully digest the grandma’s remains.”

The incident sparked panic within the village and there have been a lot of python sightings in the recent weeks. Earlier, residents tried to catch a 9m snake but they failed as the snake was just enormous.

Anto said: “Villagers are now worried that bigger snakes are still in the forest.”

“This giant snake has also swallowed two resident goats.”

Indonesia is known for the large population of reticulated pythons, similar to the one that took down the 54-year-old missing grandma. They otherwise live in remote forests and feed on wild animals, and occasionally humans.

They are known as one of the world’s largest and heaviest reptiles.