This May Be One of the Weirdest Places to Wed

  • They got married where? The locale of this couples wedding is weird and odd, but beautiful, all at the same time.

People get married all the time, and in all different ways. Vegas, the courthouse, or even their parents backyards, the possibilities are literally endless. Just ask this couple, married in the grocery store they met at. He donned camo and she, the biggest and brightest smile a bride can have.

It was 10 years ago when they met at the Community Supermarket in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. Becky Smith, 61, and her now hubby, Larry Spiering, 69, wed amongst the canned foods, and their wedding guests, too.

Back then, Smith was working at the store when Spiering walked up the her and handed her a piece of paper. He had written his name and number on it. To her, it was only fitting that they wed where they had met, aisle 13.

“It seemed to fit,” she said. “It was truly just a joke at first.”

But wed they did,  Sunday, April 1st, which this year was not only April Fools Day but also Easter Sunday. Both Smith and Spiering have April birthdays (the 3rd for her and the 2nd for him) and so this date seemed to be perfect.

Smith still works at the store and after her morning shift, with 30 guests and an aisle full of food, they got married. The judge who married them confirmed that it was his first wedding in a grocery store. And the store owner said he was more than happy to accommodate the happy couple.

This goes to show that locale doesn’t matter, and neither does age. Weird or not, this couple found love, marriage, and food, all in the same place. When Spiering handed that piece of paper to Smith, I bet they never would have imagined their wedding taking place the way that it did, or where it did. But how awesome is this? Congrats!