Customer Turns His Love of Beer Into a Commercial

  • If you love something enough, you will tell everyone about it. You may even make a commercial.

Beer fans unite! Or make a commercial? That’s what Randy Colpek did. And all for the love of beer, a specific beer at that, Costco’s Kirkland Signature Light. Costco’s Kirkland Signature Light Beer is Colpek’s favorite budget beer and he loves it so much, he made a commercial about it.

After filming, he uploaded the results to Youtube. The “ad” as he calls it, is basically a series of outtakes where a not entirely sober Colpek acts like the Kool-Aid Man, breaking through a bunch of empty beer cases, and making up slogans to promote the tasty brew.

Some of the slogans are:

  • “Kirkland Light: It’s 11 a.m. somewhere.”
  • “Kirkland Light: Available in 48-packs where you buy your pants!”
  • “Kirkland Light: It’s got 30% less calories so you can drink twice as much!”
  • “Kirkland Light: Give me a Kirkland, a coozy and a floozy!”
  • “Kirkland Light: Got a drinking problem? Now you got a drinking solution!”
  • “Kirkland Light: Life is like beer. Drink it in and piss it out!”
  • “I’m the Kirkland Light King!”
  • “Kirkland Light: Don’t drink water, fish piss in it!”

To complete the “show,” you can hear barking dogs in the background. You see his friends helping direct with two pieces of wood as their clapperboard, to start and end the scene. He talks to his neighbors, too, or rather yells at them.


Colpek’s commercial was created because he really does love the beer. For him though, he likes it for the quantity over quality. So much so, that he told Reddit users that he drinks 18 cans of the beer every day. Yike.

The video was made last summer but is starting to trend now and go viral after he posted it on Reddit. Costco has yet to comment on the free advertising from Colpek. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t pick up my tools without a beer and I don’t pick up a beer without my tools.”


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