Man Jumps Out of Southwest Airlines Plane On the Taxiway

  • It happened at Sky Harbor in Phoenix AZ, and this is the story. 

On the morning of Saturday December 4th around 8:00 a.m., a man jumped out of a moving airplane. Flight 4236 flew into Phoenix from Colorado Springs and the 30-year-old man jumped out the door from the back of the plane, before locking himself in the fire department nearby.

The captain stopped the airplane and contacted air control immediately. Authorities came to the scene and the rest of the passengers were able to get into their gate, and off of the plane. 

 “After a few minutes firefighters were able to get the adult male to unlock the door where he was then evaluated, treated and transported to a local hospital for a lower extremity injury,” Keller said.

April and Sean Kelly from Oregon were wondering why someone would do this, why and how, I mean, how would you jump off a plane?”

Another passenger, Billy Richardson from Denver, said, “I would actually look to the stewardess and the people on the flight to help. I would expect that they would have been trained to know their job.”

“I would basically just disarm them and put them down in about less than 30 seconds. You have to take action …” Gary Keys, Denver, said. 

At the time, no one knew why the man jumped out of the plane or the extent of him injuries from jumping out of the plane. Phoenix Police named the man as Daniel Ramirez, hours later. Ramirez is booked into jail on suspicion of two counts of felony trespassing. 

Phoenix Police said, “We are aware of this incident, and at this time the investigation is ongoing.”

Phoenix Fire’s Keller said that the incident, although unexpected, was handled well. 

“They were in constant communication as soon as this person was on the runway. Sky Harbor control tower had eyes on him the entire time and that’s how they notified us. It just shows you how much of a well-oiled machine they are out there,” Keller said.

As of late Fall, Sky Harbor staff and police have responded to nearly 3,000 calls of disruptive customers and assaults. Stay safe out there y’all!