Lottery Winner Shows Up With An Unexpected Face To Collect Her Winnings

  • And you're gonna love it.

Winning the lottery is not a daily occurrence. If you’re the luckiest, it may happen to you in this lifetime, but for most, it’s good old work, thriftiness, and budgeting that gets us through this life.

But, what if you did win the lottery? What would you do? Lots of lottery winners want to give money to charity, clear their debt, or travel.

This lady wants all that and more. And perfect! Because she won the lottery. But the very first thing she did? Show up to claim her check in a winking emoji face mask. Ha! I bet you didn’t see that coming.

Gray, a Jamaican woman, won the jackpot last month when she randomly picked numbers a few hours before a regional Super Lotto draw. She wanted to celebrate her fortune but also conceal her identity, hence the winky face mask.

To many it was a good joke or a laughable event, but to many, there was a serious reason behind the mask. Lottery winners everything have opted to hide their identities after collecting their winnings, and this is why.

Crime rates and poverty, in Jamaica especially, leave residents fearing they’ll be targeted after obtaining their money. “Unfortunately, Jamaica is not like other markets. In other markets, they don’t necessarily do it, but here I think they opt to do it to keep themselves safe,” a spokesperson for, the company behind the Super Lotto, said. “We are not going to tell them not to do that because their safety is of paramount importance to us as well.”

This is why Gray isn’t telling the world too much about herself. But she did offer a peek behind the mask for a Jamaican newspaper. “I am employed, but I am not necessarily going to leave my job. Now I’ve won, I want to clear my debt, invest, and I want to do some traveling,” she said. “I would like to construct a community center for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive; somewhere where they can do information technology.”

Well, this lucky lady got her dream, or at least a dream. She has her money and her plans. The mask might have been odd news, but people winning money and wanting to better the world around them? That’s great news.


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