New World Record Holder For ‘Longest Fingernails’ Has Them On BOTH Hands

  • Ayanna Williams sets a new mark for longest fingernails on a female
  • Williams sports incredibly long talons on both hands
  • She spends hours a day cleaning and maintaining her record-setting nails
longest fingernails female world record
via Guinness World Records

Ayanna Williams set out to break the world record for longest fingernails over 20 years ago. Last week, her dedication paid off, and her tentacles were crowned the champions by the people at Guinness World Records.

The Texas native’s nails measure a combined total of 18 feet and 10.9 inches on both hands. (It’s important to note that Williams set the mark for nails on both hands. The world record holder for a single hand is still Shridhar Chillal, who hasn’t trimmed his talons in over 60 years.)

It should come as no surprise that Williams is a nail technician. When she isn’t caring for the nails of her customers, she’s working on her own record-breaking talons.  It takes Willams over 20 hours to paint them, and the job requires over two bottles of polish. She washes them three times a day and rests them on a pillow on a pillow whenever she can.

So how does Williams get anything done with such massive hooks at the end of her fingers? She shared some of her secrets in an interview with AOL.

“‘Sometimes if I’m eating popcorn I use a spoon,’ she said. She also uses ‘a pencil or one of her knuckles’ to text on her cell phone or computer. Luckily, she says, family members help take care of chores around the house as to not damage her nails.”

Williams claimed the “longest fingernails on a female” record after the previous title holder, Chris “The Dutchess” Walton, cut her nails after they’d grown to a total length of 23 ft 11 inches. She plans to hold onto the crown for as long as possible, although she probably couldn’t hold an actual crown for long, so she’s probably speaking metaphorically.

Asked if she’d cut them anytime soon, Williams told the people at Guinness, “They’re a part of me, so they’re here to stay!”

Williams and her super nails are featured in the upcoming book, Guinness World Records 2018.

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