15 Worst Lip Tattoos

Because body art is so prevalent right now, we have easily been able to witness an entire spectrum of best to worst. Tattoos and piercings can be works of art, telling the stories, wisdom, and passions of one's life. At times, however, others deface their own bodies in an act of rebellion or attention-seeking. These 15 tattoos take the cake on worst you'll see on the lips:


Or, rather, the "King of Unemployment".


Home: 0.

Visitors: Moved on.

3Lip Liner

The conversation with the tattoo artist probably went as follows:

Tattoo Artist: "What would you like?"

Lady: "I want cartoon lips."

Tattoo Artist: "Say no more."


Maybe he's just that talented at it. If so, kudos to him.


Whether you are an activist who was appalled by the horror of Harambe's death, or you are a fan of the comical "RIP Harambe" memes, a tattoo is an obscene way to display either of those sentiments.

6"I LOVE YOU" ... "I KNOW"

A tattoo that screams, "If you are reading this, we have already broken up." If a couple is going to make the mistake of getting tattoos to display their affection, they should at least get ones that show their love isn't a one-way street.

77. "pwease"

Sowwy, but no.

8The Jellyfish

It looks like the jellyfish is fleeing from that canker sore over to the left. Hopefully Spongebob comes to its rescue.


Probably a warning about his oral hygiene. At least he's being honest.


And the award goes to this guy for "Least Creative". Boy, bye.


Maybe they wouldn't be so sore if he didn't have letters engraved into them.

12"Family Tradition"


13The Petit Handlebar

He might as well grow that same mustache on his face since his facial hair is already so distinct. It's more unnecessary than terrible.

14The Skellington Smile

Only Jack can pull this off, bruh.


But, then that tattoo happened.

Which one was your favorite? Hopefully this helped you contemplate some better tattoo ideas for the next time you stop at the shop to get some ink.