12 Weird and Funny Gifts for Every Kind of Dad Out There

1For the Dad Who is a Total Troll

There's something so delightfully creepy about this handmade troll. It's perfect for the dad who deserves to have nightmares -or who like vintage works of folk art.

2For the Dad That Deserves Nothing

It's one thing to give your dad nothing, it's a whole different thing to take the time and energy to actually get him Nothing.

3For the Father That's a Total Jackass

Father's Day and ties go together like storks and babies. Get your dad a different tie this year though by giving him this delightful donkey tie.

4For the Dad That's Kind of a Tool

If your dad likes to get 'er done (no matter the "'er" in question), he'll probably love this.

5For the Father Who Loves Cowboys (and Dead Things)

This cowboy duck taxidermy is one part cute, one part gross, one part funny and one part just plain sad -kind of like Dear Old Dad.

6For the Father Who Loves His Dog More Than His Wife

If your dad is the kind who likes having his woman in the kitchen and his dog by his side, he might like this custom portrait that allows him to imagine his pooch as the perfect woman.

7For the Dad That Was Little More Than a Sperm Donor

Some Father's Day cards express how much your dad meant to you or how much he's helped guide you through life. But if your dad had a "hands off" approach to raising children, this might be the best card he deserves.

8For the Dad Who is a Real Gas

Your dad stinks, but you still love him and this is the ideal shirt to prove it.

9For the Father That's a Real Straight Shooter

I'm not sure if this putter would even be allowed on most courses, but it's a perfect gift for the dad who loves shooting as much as he loves swinging his clubs.

10For the Dad Who Wanted a Paternity Test

Some men have a hard time with fatherhood. Some won't even believe they're a father until DNA results prove it to be true. This is for those fathers out there who would rather live in denial, but can't.

11For the Father Who Loves Dad Jokes

What is it about dads and terrible puns, anyway?

12For the Father That Rules on a Porcelain Throne

If you say your dad is "the shit" and don't mean it as a compliment, you need to give this to your pops.