The Weirdest And Creepiest Commercials Ever Made

1This Clown Will Make You Want To Skip Breakfast

Clowns aren't always creepy, but when a clown strikes fear in your heart the makeup and the wacky costume make them ten times creepier than any ordinary psycho. And while the clown in this commercial for Sugar Rice Krinkles was trying to be as adorable as possible he still ended up leaving an entire generation of kids with coulrophobia.

2This Strange Man Eats Little Baby's

It's easy to sell ice cream to people because everybody loves the stuff, so Little Baby's Ice Cream decided to skip the hard sell and create an ad that gives people nightmares instead. However, this approach may backfire if customers can't bring themselves to eat their ice cream because they associate it with this commercial.

3Love's Makes Body Sprays For Sexy Babies

Love's makes body sprays for women, and it was a really popular brand back in the 1970s despite the fact that they made some really creepy commercials to advertise their product. In this particular creepy commercial they suggest their spray makes women smell like sexy babies, an "innocent scent" which men will find irresistible. Yuck!

4Who's Laughing Now, Baby Laugh A-Lot?

Having a doll hanging around laughing its little plastic head off all the time is annoying for parents, but Baby Laugh A-Lot manages to laugh her way past annoying straight to creepy as hell. Her oddly manic laughter gave an entire generation of kids nightmares, and parents refused to punish little brothers for tearing Baby Laugh A-Lot's head off because they were just doing the right thing.

5Even Demon Babies Have To Blow Their Nose

This Japanese Kleenex commercial has multiple creepy elements- the sweet yet ghostly singing, the strange interaction between woman and child, and the demon baby himself, who apparently doesn't like to blow his nose. It's no wonder people think this commercial is cursed, so maybe you should watch it with a priest on hand in case things get weird.

6If A Doll Says It Wants To Tell You A Secret RUN AWAY!

Talking baby dolls are often creepy in their own right, but a baby doll that whispers in your ear and tells you secrets is just beyond creepy in every way- and may ultimately want to kill the children it talks to in order to protect its secrets.

7Good Tires Are A Must When You're Running From Evil Forces

According to this Japanese commercial the main reason you should put high quality tires on your car isn't because of road or weather conditions- it's so you can outrun the dark forces trying to kill you on the road. Sounds like a good reason to buy new tires to me!

8If Your Coworker Eats Like A Snake Call Animal Control

It seems you can't leave any kind of food laying around your office break room without some coworker trying to gobble it up when you're not looking. But if that lunch snatching coworker slithers across the floor like a snake before unhinging their jaw and swallowing your lunch whole you should call a meeting- on how to exterminate the demonic employee.

9This PSA Uses Fear As A Teaching Tool

This creepy PSA created by the Finnish organization Fragile Childhood shows how alcoholic parents look to kids, and how their drinking turns them into monsters who ruin their kids' lives. However, kids who watched the commercial were so scarred by the horrific visual imagery that it ended up giving them nightmares, scaring them worse than their drunk parents ever could!

10I'm Not Lovin' It

Sometimes advertisers try to make funny ads but end up going right past the exit to funny and head straight to creepsville. These Japanese McDonald's ads were trying to be quirky and funny by having Ronald McDonald act as some kind of fast food stalker, but the end result may have put Japanese viewers off McDonald's for life.