10 Extreme Eyeball Tattoos

Catt Gallinger is a young woman from Canada who is using her eyeball tattoo experience to make people think twice before getting an eyeball tattoo. In her case, the botched procedure left her with blurry vision in her left eye and purple discharge coming out of it.

Gallinger said that she decided to get an eyeball tattoo so that she would “feel more at home in my body,” but never imagined it would end up costing her sight. Soon after coloring the white of her left eye, the 24-year-old pet nutritionist was sent to the hospital, where doctors administered antibiotic drops. Unfortunately, things got even worse after that. Her eye became swollen shut, and after doctors used steroids to alleviate her symptoms, the tattoo became congealed around her cornea, affecting her vision and causing severe discomfort.

According to some news reports, Karan, a piercing and tattoo artist, is believed to be the first Indian to get his eyeballs inked. The 28-year-old is known as Tattoographer Karan on Instagram, and his photos will leave you awestruck.

This picture shows a man with tattoos on his body and his eyes during the third International Tattoo Festival in Sao Paulo in 2013.

Tattoo artist Chester Lee, 28, had his eyes done by American artist Luna Cobra. This extreme form of modification involves dyeing the whites of the eyes by injecting ink into the eye's protective outer layer which is called the sclera.

Tattoo artist Howard "Howie" Rollins (known as Luna Cobra) claims to be the inventor of modern scleral tattoo after experimenting on three volunteers; Shannon Larratt, Joshua Matthew Rahn, and "Pauly Unstoppable" (aka "Farrah Flawless") in 2007.

For people living with eyeball tattoos, reactions can range from "cool contacts!" to being mistaken for the devil. Though the (still experimental) practice of injecting pigment into the whites of people's eyes has been around for nearly a decade, it's still considered one of the last frontiers of tattooing. Jay, pictured above, was once followed while in a grocery store by a man convinced that he was possessed or some sort of demon.

Body piercing artist Joeltron opted for tennis ball green when he underwent the radical procedure.

A former office worker turned tattoo addict has covered 90% of his body, including his eyes.

Tattboy Holden, who changed his name legally in 2014, claims he was left bed bound and in pain day and night after suffering side effects from a routine operation in 2000. The 48-year-old found relief from chronic pain in going under the tattooist's needle. He has since invested nearly $90,000 and 1,000 hours in body modification. The colorful character from, Adelaide admits his 100 head-to-toe inkings are a stain on his mainstream job prospects.

If you think his eye tattoos must be his most painful, he also has a tattoo on his penis.

Blogger Balea The Scarleg also has an eye tattoo by Howie Luna Cobra.

For those afraid of going full eyeball, they can choose a slightly less creepy design.