Kim Jong-Un Demands Each Household In NK Produce 8 Tons Of Human Feces To Help Farmers

  • I wouldn't take that crap from him.
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash


The competition is getting real in North Korea. Citizens are preparing for next year’s farming season, by collecting feces. And they each have to supply a certain amount of feces, so the competition has become a little cutthroat…

Back-Up A Moment… reported that households in North Korea have been struggling to meet the demands made by Kim Jong-Un. He told the citizens that they need to provide 220 pounds of feces per person. RFA said that the citizens who fail to meet this quota are forced to pay a fine. Those who are struggling to meet the quota are stealing from their neighbors or public restrooms. If they still don’t get enough they mix it with soil to make it seem as though they did.

Talk About Fighting Dirty…

A resident of Ryanggang (a province in North Korea) told RFA that “the agricultural authorities are forcing residents to produce eight tons of manure for each household to help the local farms. People in the city are fighting to take over public restrooms. It’s ridiculous. Those who can’t get enough from the restrooms resort to collecting soil to mix with the feces. To make it seem as though they have enough. When it rains, the holes in the dirt become puddles of filth and are the main culprits of environmental destruction. As the absolute of manure is nowhere near the quota, there are even now merchants who are selling dried feces. People put all their human feces outside to dry so it’s all over the city. It’s really hard to breathe when you go out on the streets.
In order to fill the quota, people in the countryside have taken all humus (a dark, nutrient soil) to mix with manure, and even rocks from coal mines are being mixed into the mixture. Since there is not enough soil to mix with the manure, people of all ages are rushing to the coal mines to get rocks.”

This Is Creating Far Too Many Problems…

“The people have no time to take care of themselves. It’s so hard to make a living already but there are so many things they want them to dedicate to the state. People are getting resentful. Residents complain that this year the authorities have been forcing them to do so many of these missions that people can’t even remember everything. Government officials are exempt from these tasks under their authority, but the powerless people are required to carry them out. These powerless people are the only ones made to suffer.”

The people are saying that this an impossible quota, and it needs to be lower, at least.