KFC Gives Us What We Didn’t Know We Always Wanted – Firelogs

  • It starts as Original Recipe and ends Extra Crispy.

We all have our favorites scents of the holidays. Pumpkin spice, peppermint, pine trees, cookies, who roast beast, or Grandpa’s cigars. But there’s a scent that knows no boundaries of time or season. A favorite scent that for the the nation over that you can now bring into your home for the holidays. KFC’s original recipe fried chicken.

Just imagine it. Family, friends, animals, maybe even some folk you don’t know and might seem kinda sketchy only drawn in by the stomach-growl-inducing smell wafting from your home. They’re all huddling around your fireplace, smiles on their faces, eyes glazing over as that intoxicating aroma fills their mind with dreams of red-and-white buckets with white and dark meat, accompanies by sides of cole slaw, mac and cheese, and rolls. What brought these people together? Is it the camaraderie that the winter time seems to inspire? That holiday spirit that brings people to share their space and smells with the world? No, my friends. It’s something even greater. It’s a fried-chicken scented firelog. Brought to you by Colonel Sanders himself.

What are fried-chicken logs? Thank you for asking, Imaginary Other Half Of This Conversation. The culinary geniuses at none other than the great KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, have developed a yule log that, when burned in the fireplace, fills your home with the delicious smells of eleven herbs and spices.

The smell is sure to attract family members, neighbors, and even the occasional neighborhood dog or raccoon to your home. But that’s a small price to pay, along with the initial $18.99 plus s&h + tax, to bring the mouth-watering smell of KFC into your home without having to actually deal with KFC.

Now comes the bad news. This log has sold out within hours of going on sale. But don’t lose hope yet, fried-chicken-lovers because with the popularity of the log and money-making potential, there’s no doubt KFC and their logging partner Enviro-log will bring back the crowd pleaser soon.


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