10 Hilariously Bitchy TripAdvisor Reviews

1Eiffel Tower: “Piece of Rusted Iron”

At least he gave it a 3-star review.

2At a play in Scotland: “The actors have a Scottish accent”

3Mona Lisa at the Louvre: “It was just a sea of raised arms and cameras”

4Tumon Beach in Guam, Mariana Islands: “The beach was too sandy”

It would only be worse if these travelers said the water was too wet.

5Golden Gate Bridge: “It's quite the long walk from one side to the other”

6Taj Mahal: “Meh!”

20,000 artisans and 2 decades of construction just for this user to say it was “meh."

7Dachau, Concentration Camp: “Average”

Keen TripAdvisor reviewer, Blumit, calls Dachau "really nothing special" and "way too nice and humane." The camp was used as model for other death camps across Nazi Germany. Jehovah's Witnesses, Roma Gypsies and homosexuals were all sent here and the majority never left.

8Anne Frank House: “So some girl wrote a diary, who cares”

History is a waste of time.

9Christ the Redeemer: “Just a concrete pillar”

Rio's most famous attraction was called "over-rated" and just a "concrete pillar" in one-star reviews.

10Big Ben: “I think there is a lot of fuss over nothing really very special”