10 More Bizarre Stories of Animals Getting Stuck

1The python that was trapped in its owner's earlobe

Ashley Glawe was holding her pet python (named Bart) when the unthinkable happened—he saw the large gauge piercing in her ear and just went for it. Unfortunately, he didn't make it all the way through.
"I tried to get him out myself, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to without hurting him by pulling back against his scales," Glawe said.

First responders tried to remove Bart but had no luck, so Ashley went to the emergency room. Doctors were able to free the snake by stretching the ear out just a little bit more with a piece of string and pulling Bart through. Owner and python are now doing fine.

2The pug puppy that was stuck in a pipe in Brazil

Time was of the essence in the rescue of a sixth-month-old pug puppy in Brazil. The animal was stuck in a pipe on a construction site in Guaíra. The pug's owner, veterinarian Kawahisa Yoshioka, tried to coax it out of the pipe for four hours, and it was only when the dog stopped squealing that she feared the worst and called Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards for help. Rescuers dug a hole in Yoshioka's garden and another in her hallway in search of the terrified pup. They decided to take a photograph inside the pipe and were then able to locate the animal.

The dog, now named Donatello after the sewer dwelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, is back to playing as if nothing ever happened.

3The cat that was trapped in a garage door

In January 2017, Louisiana Deputy Mike Scott saved a cat trapped in a garage door.

When he arrived on the scene, Scott saw multiple neighbors and construction workers trying to save the cat. The homeowner told him that the cat (named Bella) must have been sleeping on the garage door when her owners left the property.

Scott quickly got to work and—with a little help from the neighbors—was able to remove the cat safely.

4A 1500 pound cow is rescued from a swimming pool

Firefighters in Oklahoma City were summoned after a homeowner reported hearing some "snorting" coming from his swimming pool area. Emergency responders arrived and discovered a hole in the swimming pool's liner and a cow trapped in the water. The 1500 pound beast was in danger of experiencing hypothermia, so firefighters used their pumps to remove about 5 feet of water. Crews then brought in a wrecker to hoist the large animal to safety.

5A courageous man rescues a skunk with a soda can on its head

A Canadian man bravely attempted to rescue a skunk with a soda can on its head. (We'd risk it too.)

The nameless hero, who described the rescue as "The bravest thing I've ever done," posted a video to YouTube in which he can be heard calmly reassuring the skunk and begging it not to spray him as he carefully approached. He eventually managed to grab hold of the can with one hand and helped wriggle it off the skunk's head before it scurried away.

6A baby alpaca refuses to leave a badger hole

This baby alpaca (or cria) was missing for more than 24 hours when farm personnel found her in an unexpected place—a cozy badger hole.

As to how she ended up there, a Facebook post suggests she was enjoying a nice dust bath when she slid into the hole. Despite her resistance to leaving her little nook, the cria emerged unharmed, and soon tottered off with her mama, we assume, who supervised the entire rescue. She's reportedly doing just fine.

7A cow is found stuck in the trunk of a tree

Firefighters were called to a field in Northallerton, North Yorkshire to release a cow after she managed to get her head stuck inside the trunk of a tree. Officials used straps and farm machinery to try to pull her out. A vet soon joined the full-scale operation to save the animal, and the cow was sedated before the crew used saws and other tools to free her. She was soon back to grazing in her field.

8A kitten is stuck in a dumpster while foraging for food

This tiny cat's head was caught in the drainage hole of a communal bin in Walsall, West Midlands. It had been there a couple of days when resident Susan Burney heard it meowing. "I could see the kitten's head was stuck in the hole. So I had to call the fire brigade who were fantastic, and eventually, they got it out," she said.

Fire crews cut either side of the drainage hole with a blade before bending the steel of the bin back to free the kitten, which had trash piled on top of it. It's been since named Dusty (after "dustbin" we assume), and the cat currently awaiting adoption at the Birmingham RSPCA.

9A fat raccoon is stuck upside down in a tank hatch

How did this happen? A chubby raccoon that got stuck in a tiny hatch on a U.S. Army tank was pulled to freedom by two men who recorded the rescue.

A video posted to YouTube shows a man wearing protective gloves and pulling on the raccoon's legs, which are protruding along with the creature's rear end from a small hatch atop the tank. They consider pushing it all the way in, in hopes that it could be removed through a larger opening once inside. The raccoon is eventually saved by a soldier, who yanks it out of the hatch and tosses it onto the grass, where it can flee without posing any danger to the men.

10The moose that fell through a window into a family's basement bedroom

In January 2017, a female moose fell through an unlatched window into a basement bedroom of a Hailey, Idaho home.

The moose spent about three hours in the cellar while Idaho Department of Fish and Game and law enforcement officers tried several times to shoo her upstairs with no luck. Eventually, a Fish and Game officer arrived with a tranquilizer dart gun. Once darted, the moose quickly succumbed and passed out in a corner. Eight officers rolled the approximately 600-pound animal onto a tarp and brought her up. Once outside, she awoke and found her way back into the wild.