18 Scary, Cool and Clever Halloween-Inspired Manicures

1Zombie Nails

It's one thing to paint some cute, cartoon zombies on your nails for Halloween, but it's a whole different matter to make your nails look horrifically gory as if they belonged to an actual zombie. With a nail through one finger and stitches holding others together, Break Rules Not Nails killed it on this one.

2The Hanging Man

In normal light, these nails merely depict a creepy tree, a crow, and the moon, but when viewed in the dark, the real horror of PiggieLuv's manicure comes to light.

3Dug Up Bones

You won't get much done wearing these cemetery-inspired nails by PiggieLuv, but if your goal is just a creepy manicure, then you would indeed achieve that mission.

4Break Me Off A Piece of That

The Polished Mommy intended to have a manicure that looks like it belongs to a zombie, but they could just as easily belong to a victim trying to escape a serial killer. Either way, they're terrifying.

5The Monster in the Closet

Almost every child believes there is a monster hiding under their bed or in the closet. This glow-in-the-dark manicure by PiggieLuv illustrates that fear perfectly.

6The Evil Dead

Sure, plenty of people love slasher flicks, but The Evil Dead has an unwavering cult following that has only grown over the years. These nails by Over Polished are a perfect tribute to the Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell classic.

7Ghostly Ghouls

It's hard to avoid making ghosts look cheesy and cartoonish on nails, but these swirly spirits by More Nail Polish sure are beautiful specters.

8Blood Splatters

These nails by Nail Gun XS would undoubtedly be a favorite of everyone's favorite fictional serial killer/blood analyst, Dexter Morgan.

9Freddy Krueger

It's easy enough to paint Freddy's famous striped sweater, but creating matching nails that look just like his burned skin — that's impressive! Of course, that's precisely why Not Too Polished's Freddy Krueger nails are so damn spooky.

10The Nightmare Before Christmas

These adorable Nightmare Before Christmas nails by Poochiez Pawz Nail Salon are a fabulous way to celebrate the holiday, and scream "This Is Halloween."

11Dripping Blood

Few sights are quite so easily recognizable as dripping blood. Thanks to Divine Caroline; you can learn how to make these cool, creepy designs for yourself.

12Vampire Fangs

With two bloody fangs and a few normal teeth to complete the look, these nails by Effie's Makeup Box are just the right look when you want a manicure that says "I vant to suck your blooood."

13A Little of Everything

With so many fun Halloween symbols out there, it can be hard to choose just one. That's why this great set by Hannah Rox It is so lovable.


These jack-o-lantern nails by Adventures in Acetone switch the black and orange hues, giving you the perspective of looking from the inside of the jack-o-lantern out.

15Spider Webs

These purple, white and sequined nails by Adventures in Acetone manage to perfectly balance cute, work appropriate Halloween nails with just a touch of spookiness from the spiders.


Between the use of the classic Halloween orange and black color scheme, the sheer number of bats, and the great quality of the paintings themselves, it's batty how great these designs by More Nail Polish are.

17Dripping Candy Corn

You can find candy corn nails all over the internet because you just need to combine white, yellow and orange colors to make them. These dripping candy corn nails by Adventures in Acetone add in an artistic element to the mix.

18Boo! Eek!

If there are two words that make a Halloween a happy one, they have to be Boo! and Eek! Effie's Makeup Box does a great job of celebrating the the words that most belong in a haunted house.