10 Grossest Halloween Candies

1Boo-Boo Licks

Guaranteed to scare any germophobic kid.

2Blood Bag

For the little Dracula in your family.

3Gummy Tongues

Ewwww...we imagine these would be like getting kissed by a dog, but much sweeter. (Still doesn't make it better.)

4Body Part Sushi

Sushi like you've never experienced it before.

5Gummy Flesh Fries

Gives new meaning to the term "finger food."

6Candy Urine

Is it warm? Sweet? Sour? Help!


Some candies are wildly inappropriate. This is one of them.

8Candy Toe Jam

It looks like simple cotton candy and probably tastes the same, but we don't want to get close enough to find out.

9Box of Boogers

There's nothing cooler than boogers "that look and feel real" — we think.

10Zit Poppers

If this candy and YouTube's Dr. Pimple Popper are popular, it is for good reason — people love watching zits get zapped!