12 Bizarre Door Knobs and Handles

1World Globe Doorknob

You've got the whole world in your hands with this doorknob that depicts all the continents in great detail. Interested? Find it here.

2Man Door Handle

We don't have much info on him (other than he's a piece of forged art), but we're not sure we'd want a door handle of a tiny man who looks like he's determined to break in!


Sick of fumbling for your keys in the dark? Check out the LEDoorHandle by Yanko Design. The team won a 2011 Spark Award for their light up handle that can be also removed and used as a flashlight in an emergency situation.

4Étron Door Handle

Yes, that is what you think it is. French designer Florence Doleac has solved the problem of guests asking where the bathroom is by creating a bronze-colored unmistakable door handle. ("Étron" is French for feces specimen, by the way.)

5Bang Bang Door Handle

Add some firepower to your door knobs with these hand gun styled door openers. They aren't just for looks either—pulling the trigger achieves the same effect as turning the handle on a conventional style door knob.

6Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

Are you a bit of a germaphobe? Well, your life just got a little easier with this Red Dot-winning door handle from Choi Bomi. The handle has an interior UV lamp to constantly disinfect its surface when it is not in use. The lamp clicks off when someone grabs it, then clicks right back on once they've passed through the portal.

7Gas Pump Door Pulls

"Get your kicks on Route 66" with these awesome custom made gas pump door handles. Find them here.

8Crystal Skull Door Knob

Ghoulishly cool, this door knob is designed to look like a perfectly polished tiny human skull, and will make the perfect conversation piece for a modern Witch Doctor's home or office.

9Boston Terrier Head Ceramic Knobs

These knobs are a little more for drawers and a little less for doors, but were so cute we included them anyway. You can find 'em here, along with other dog breeds (and more animals, too).

10Glass Globe Door Knob

Get a closer look with this fisheyed globe doorknob from designer Hideyuki Nakayama. The idea is resoundingly simple—the globe on your end of the door provides a wide-angle view of what's on the other side, which is achieved by collecting and reflecting light soaked up by another globe on the other end.

11Alice in Wonderland Door Knob

If you're down for a bit of whimsy, check out this cool Alice in Wonderland door knob. It comes in two pieces, plus the door knob and hardware and is quick and easy to assemble. Grab it here!

12Panetheus Door Handle

This door handle of a man having his eyes eaten by a bird is certainly something that may make visitors think twice about their behavior in your home!