10 Strangest Divorce Settlements Ever

1The couple that split their house in half—literally

When a judge orders a couple to split their assets evenly, they don't mean that literally, but in the case of a Cambodian couple, Moeun Sarim and Vat Navy, that's just what happened.

Sarim and his family showed up with saws to divide the couple's 20-by-24 1/2 foot house. He then took the pieces of his house away, presumably to rebuild somewhere else. Local officials and law enforcement showed up to ensure everything was done legally, but could otherwise do nothing since that is how the couple settled their divorce. Navy said that while the situation was "very strange" it is "what my husband wanted." Well, at least, it's equal.

2The exes that were ordered to split their apartment in two

Affordable housing is hard to find no matter where you live, which is why, in 2013, a judge in Spain ordered a divorcing couple to split their 2,700 square foot apartment in two. She determined it was the only fair option for the pair given their financial situation. This meant the pair had to continue living side-by-side, which might not have been ideal for them but perfect for their daughters, who were six and seven at the time.

3David Hasslehoff says no one can take "The Hoff"

David Hasselhoff's divorce from Pamela Bach, his wife of almost 20 years, was pretty standard with one exception—the settlement papers explicitly said that he would get to keep the rights to his nicknames, “Hoff” and “Malibu Dave,” as well as the catchphrase “Don't Hassel the Hoff.” You have to wonder if she tried to fight for these trademarked names and phrases or if "The Hoff" just wanted to make sure there was no question as to who owned them.

4The man who was forced to dig up his parent's remains

Talk about digging up the past. When you lay someone to rest, the last thing you want to do is dig them up again later, but one divorce forced an Australian man to do just that. He buried his parent's ashes on his family farm, but when his wife was awarded the property in the divorce proceedings, he was given 14 days to remove his parent's remains and tombstones from the premises.

5Marvin Gaye paid up with his music

Marvin Gaye made a lot of money, but he was also a big spender and couldn't pay his bills much of the time. During his 1975 divorce from Anna Gordy, making alimony payments was tough. The couple and their lawyers agreed that Marvin would record a new album and that all of the royalties would go to Anna, and Gaye's album Here, My Dear was born.

Rumors circulated that Marvin made the album bad on purpose as a final "screw you" to his ex, but while he admitted that he considered "half-assing" the work, he decided that he owed the fans his best effort. The recording was filled with passion and Gaye said he "sang and sang until I drained myself of everything I'd lived through." Unfortunately, the divorce-themed album was a commercial flop. Eventually, critics and fans came around, and many now praise Here, My Dear as one of the singer's greatest, deepest and most innovative albums.

6The woman who won a lock of Bob Dylan's hair

Sometimes you've gotta fight for your right to own some of Bob Dylan's hair. The divorce of the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Stephanie Gonis got pretty ugly. But when it was finally settled in 2013, Stephanie ended up walking away with $5 million, a home, a Toyota Highlander and, most notably, Bob Dylan's hair.

As TMZ says, "It's unclear how the hair was obtained... if the hair contains any product, etc. But Dan agreed to part ways with it in the divorce."

7The Nobel Prize of divorce settlements

Winning a Nobel Prize is a big deal and something to be proud of, but for Robert Lucas, winning the 1995 prize for economics was bittersweet. That's because in his 1989 divorce from Rita C. Lucas, Robert agreed to share half of any future Nobel Prize winnings (each honor carries a million dollar prize) with his ex. The clause was set to expire in less than a month after his win, so if Lucas just won a tiny bit later, his wife would have been $500,000 poorer.

When asked about the deal after the fact, Robert stood by the agreement, saying, "A deal is a deal. It was her idea. Maybe if I'd known I'd win, I would have resisted the clause."

8Einstein's Nobel Prize of divorce

Perhaps Robert Lucas was just trying to take a page from Einstein's playbook when he agreed to his wife's settlement. After all, Einstein willingly signed away the prize money from his Nobel Prize to his wife Mileva Maric in their 1919 divorce. Interestingly, Einstein didn't win until 1921, so he was obviously more optimistic than Lucas was.

9The woman with an ice cream allotment

Most of these stories are depressing, but here's one that's sweet. An Indian stockbroker who accused his wife of spending all of his money on ice cream was ordered to pay $1,300 in alimony every month, plus an additional $2.50 for her to buy ice cream. I guess some people do scream for ice cream.

10Settling for sperm?

Rumor has it that when Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were getting a divorce, she demanded Sheen gave her a sperm donation so she could make little Charlies later on. He released the email to the public, but Richards claims he forged it to embarrass her, and given Sheen's crazed behavior in the past, I'd side with her on this one.