10 People Trapped in the Wrong Body

119-year-old trapped inside a 2-year-old

Girija Srinivas is an Indian woman with an extreme case of underdevelopment — she never physically developed past the age of 2. Girija is unable to sit up on her own and can barely lift a cup of tea, yet she has not given up hope. She is artistically inclined and dreams someday of becoming a famous painter.

2Man discovers he's really a woman at age 66

Kwong Wah hospital where the man was treated

A 66-year-old man was visiting the hospital for a swollen abdomen when he was given some rather unusual news — the swelling turned out to be an ovarian cyst. He discovered he is biologically a woman and has extremely rare combination of two genetic disorders — Turner syndrome, which causes women to not fully develop and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which causes an abundance of male sex hormones in both men and women. The patient, who has a beard and tiny penis, decided he would continue to identify as a man.

3Teenager born without hormones trapped in a 10-year-old's body

Poppy Web-Jones has a very rare condition called panhypopituitarism, which means she was born without hormones. This means Poppy, now 17, is still trapped within her 10-year-old body and hasn't gone through puberty like other teenage girls. While her friends are interested in boys and makeup, Poppy still likes to play with toys and dolls. She is currently undergoing treatment, which the hope she will help her catch up to her peers.

442-year-old man trapped in 14-year-old body refused hormone treatments

Mario Bosco also suffers from panhypopituitarism, but he says he is happy the way he is. The 4'10”, 42-year-old man still looks like he is 14 and has used it to his advantage. He works as an actor and child stand-in for many movies and television shows and even wrote a book called “From Hopeless to Hollywood.” Mario says he was offered hormone treatments to help him develop, but refused them because he thought they might adversely affect his career.

54-year-old trapped in body of old man

The opposite of panhypopituitarism is a rare disease known as progeria, where a person ages eight times the normal rate. Progeria has turned Franco Villavicenci, who is just four years old, into an old man before his time. Although he looks elderly, he still has the mind of a young child, but sadly, will likely die of a heart attack before he becomes a teenager. There are only 74 known cases of progeria in the world.

6Canadian man says he is really a 6-year-old girl

Paul Wolscht was a 43-year-old father and husband who left it all behind to become Stefoknee Wolscht, a 6-year-old-girl. Stefoknee claims to have an adopted mommy and daddy, who treat him like the little girl he never was. “...I've moved forward now, and I've gone back to being a child. I don't want to be an adult right now,” he said in an interview. You can follow Stefoknee on Twitter!

7Woman believes she's a cat

Nano is a Norwegian girl who doesn't believe she was born the wrong sex, just the wrong species. Nano claims she is a female cat trapped in a human girl's body. She says she first tapped her inner feline when she was 16, and now wears a cat's ears and tail and crawls around on all fours, purring. She even hisses at dogs, but admits she hasn't caught a mouse... yet!

8Man wears paper dog costume, calls himself "Boomer"

There's a term for people who believe they are animals other than human: therians. This frisky Pittsburgh man calls himself Boomer the Dog and believes he may have actually been born a dog and changed into a human somewhere along the way. Boomer, whose human name is Gary Matthews, often wears a paper dog suit and frolics about town. Gary petitioned the court to get his name legally changed, but was denied. Doggonit!

9Wolf trapped in boy's body legally changes name

Perhaps the most famous therian is Shiro Themian Ulv, who claims to have the spirit of a black wolf inside of him. Shiro, who was born Matthew Schimmel, legally changed his name when he was 18. He was featured in the documentary “What?! I Think I'm an Animal” and famously stated, “On all levels except physical, I am a wolf” which became a popular meme.

10Couple think they are real-life vampires

Otherkin are people who claim to be mythical creatures trapped in human form. Vanian and Etherial Dark are part of a subculture of otherkin that believe they are real life vampires. They sleep in the day and drink each other's blood but say they would never attack a human being. They claim you don't need to be bitten by a vampire to become one, it's more of a “gentle awakening” to a realization that you are not like everybody else.