12 Kinky Jokes Hidden In Children’s Entertainment

1Homer Simpson gets “the talk” from the local zookeeper

The Simpsons will heat up the list more than once, but this first one is a doozy. When Homer was a child, he visited the zoo and alerted the zookeeper that the monkeys were killing each other. Or so he thought. The zookeeper whispered in Homer's ear, letting him know the monkeys were "having sex.” It's honest, it's clear and like most of your sexual partners, it's quick.

2Jimmy Neutron's dad once had a moment with a banana

In Jimmy Neutron, the humor is relatively mellow, but in one episode, it is Jimmy's dad, Hugh, that takes the laughs to the limit. While relating a story to his family about his childhood, he is quoted saying, “Once when I was 7 years old, I sat on a banana and, of course, it changed my life.”

3Shrek uses word trickery to get an adult-sized laugh

Between Donkey and Shrek, played by Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers respectively, the jokes are relentless. While most were aimed at their target audience—kids—there were plenty of laughs to be had for full grown fans too.

When the Magic Mirror is discussing Snow White with Lord Farquaad, he explains that even though “she lives with seven men it doesn't mean she's easy.” With the telling of this joke, we are all suddenly aware that the powers that be have a naughty streak. One must also surmise that the name Lord Farquaad is paying homage to a rather nasty nickname, “F#@kwad.”

4Ratatouille's food critic says a mouthful with one tasty little joke

Linguini is a chef who is trying to impress not only a potential love interest but a cantankerous food critic (Anton Ego), when discussing his love for food.

You be the judge and decide what the food critic means by, “If I don't love it, I don't swallow.”

5Spongebob gets caught watching sea porn

In the episode, “Your Shoe's Untied,” Spongebob is seen sitting alone in the living room watching a swirling sea anemone on TV. When Gary slinks in, Spongebob is caught off guard and turns the channel. He also awkwardly proclaims he was watching sports!

Although there was nothing else about it in the episode, the look on his face and quick channel flip was the telltale sign of a sponge up to no good.

6The Simpsons in-your-face acronym

Before Kwik-E-Mart worker, Apu, was slinging “Squishees,” he studied at a place that will be one of the most glazed over acronyms in all of Simpson history— "Springfield Heights Institute of Technology."

7Captain Hook delivers a joke that is just as confusing as it is funny

In the movie Hook, Robin Williams plays Peter Pan. In one scene, Pan finds himself in a war of words, tossing insults back and forth with Rufio. Gems like “pinhead” and “mother lover” are bandied about, then Peter calls him a “nearsighted gynecologist." All hell breaks loose—or does it?

This dirty joke either leaves you spending way too much time trying to figure out what it means or no time at all because you, like many, failed to catch it in the first place.

8Lightening McQueen gets flashed by twins in the Cars movie

All race fans know that girls flash their boobs. Wait…what?

In the Pixar animated movie Cars, Lightening McQueen, the star-studded race champ, is fielding questions from the press after a big race. Two female cars roll up and squeal like teenagers, exclaim they are his biggest fans, and flash their headlights.

While the characters in the movie are all automobiles, it is safe to say McQueen got a glimpse of second base.

9Robots make an enjoyable sex joke (and one that went over your head)

Everyone knows that making a baby is fun. In the animated movie Robots, the characters say as much. When dad Herb Copperbottom misses his child's birth, his wife Lydia tells him, "You missed the delivery, but it's OK, making the baby is the fun part."

Also, while putting the baby together (he is a robot after all), his parents are heard off screen grunting and struggling. Someone declares "it's a boy with an extra part." A snip, then crying is then heard. That is a well timed—and almost hidden—circumcision joke.

10The Monster House movie that has all the right (girl) parts

In the 2006 movie Monster House, the main characters discover the house across the street from where they live is a real life monster. Monster House is a horror film made for kids with creepy elements—and a real zinger of an anatomy lesson.

When the group is looking at a chandelier, Jenny explains it must be the “uvula,“ which is a part of the throat. After a brief pause, however, the young boy with her declares it must be “a girl house.”

11Toy Story tells the tale of hookers and beer

In the first installment of Toy Story, Woody and Buzz are enemies. With digs coming as fast as laser beams, these two can't get a word in without cutting each other down.

Woody holds back while arguing and says he can't explain his whole beef because there are “preschool toys around” and then nicknames his nemesis “Buzz Light Beer.”

Later on, the real kicker comes. The neighbor kid, Sid, takes perfectly good toys and morphs them into monsters. One of them is part fishing pole and part Barbie legs, which we can all agree is a "hooker." Get it? Sid, you sly dog!

12Krusty the Clown almost tells a dick joke

When Krusty the Clown is on screen, you can guarantee there will be hell to pay on the part of parents. Almost too much for TV at times, Krusty doesn't just push the envelope, he cauterizes it with his disgusting and hilarious personality.

One joke that he told, or didn't mean to tell, was about "this guy (who) walks into a bar and takes out a tiny piano, and a 12-inch pianist." He finished it with “oh, no, wait. I can't tell that one!” But the deed was indeed done.