10 Amazing YouTube Mashups

1Shia LeBeaouf Motivational Videos

A viral video of Shia LeBeouf labeled as a motivational speech has been making its way around the internet. In the video, Shia does his best to motivate the masses while yelling "Just Do It!" and striking various poses.

The original video, with Shia in front of a green screen, was shot for the graduating class of the Fine Art BA at Central Saint Martins. Since the Internet can't let a good green screen video go to waste, several memes of LaBeouf's powerful dose of inspiration have popped up. Here are two of our favorites:

2Six Song Country Mashup

Is it your imagination or do current country songs pretty much all follow the same formula? Check out this a mashup of six recent pop-country smashes, four of which were released in 2014, that sound so similar that you can play them on top of each other and lose almost nothing.

3The Dworf of Westoros

It's the story of a womanizer who schemes his way through a life of alcohol, fighting, and gratuitous nudity. Wait – are we talking about Tyrion Lannister or Jordan Belfort?

Check out Game of Thrones getting the Wolf of Wall Street treatment in this mashup.

4Daft Punk vs. Soul Train

Combine the music of Daft Punk with one of greatest TV shows that ever was and you have one of the most brilliantly executed fan-made mashups ever created. The music from “Lose Yourself To Dance” is expertly matched to amazing moves by Soul Train dancers. The panning shots of the dancers come from a Stevie Wonder appearance in 1973 while he was playing “Superstition." (There's also a Soul Train line segment, but it's not from the “Superstition” video.)

5The Grand Overlook Hotel

Every so often, a skilled editor and digital effects artist creates something special that's more than two films simply thrown together underneath a loud song. "Wes Anderson's The Shining" by Steve Ramsden is the latest example. Check out Ramsden's discrete tricks to stitch The Shining and The Grand Budapest Hotel into one cohesive trailer.

6Mario Kart: Fury Road

Love Mario Kart and Mad Max: Fury Road? If so, this mashup is for you. YouTube user Kris Sundberg is the creative mastermind behind melding the two action-packed entities together.

Not only is Max reimagined as Mario, but animation from the game is seamlessly dropped into the gorgeous visuals of George Miller's film. The soundtrack is even reworked to combine the operatic key of “Fury Road” with the chirpy tones of the classic video game.

7Gimmie Some More...Cookies!

Benjamin Roberts, also known as AnimalRobot, is responsible for the many videos in which Sesame Street characters like Big Bird and Cookie Monster rap like your favorite MCs.

While the videos are fun, there's a serious method to Roberts' madness. First, he asks himself many questions, including “Is it funny?” and “Are the movements right?” From there, he uses Adobe Premiere to cut the footage and make adjustments. Cookie Monster vs. Busta Rhymes' (below) took about 10 hours to make.

8Breaking Sponge

By combining three of the best known and most chilling Heisenberg scenes from Breaking Bad with the otherwise delightful Nickelodeon animated staple, Spongebob Squarepants, YouTube user Runningflannel has created a dark world where Bikini Bottom is awash in assassinations, familial strife, and vast quantities of methamphetamines. If this truly existed, we'd binge-watch it on Netflix – any studio bigwigs listening out there?

9Commercial Jingle Counterpoint

YouTube user Grant Woolard wove together 25 famous jingles for the ultimate jingle mashup titled “Commercial Jingle Counterpoint.”

To top it all off, he played the tunes on a piano, using the corresponding products to hit the keys. A McDonald's french fry container, a can of SpaghettiOs, and even a couple of baby back ribs are among his music-making tools.

10LCD Soundsystem vs. Miles Davis

This slick mashup of LCD Soundsystem and jazz great Miles Davies has "no editing or other tricks, just two YouTube videos played at the same time," according to London resident Alessandro Grespan. Grespan and girlfriend Eleonora Rossi came up with the idea late one sleeplessness night.