10 Coolest Tattoos Of Instructions

1Chopsticks Instructions

The restaurant doesn't offer forks? Then just roll up your sleeve and follow the instructions.

2Camera Instructions

Want a crash course in photography? Check out this tattoo of a camera diagram.

3Washing Instructions

Perfect for those "shower-for-two" moments.

4Paper Plane Instructions

Never learned how to make a paper airplane in grade school? Check out this original idea for a tattoo, which is both creative and nostalgic.

5Polite Instructions

Maybe these are the type of instructions you won't want to follow.

6How To Create a Human Centipede

In case you ever feel the need to create your own Human Centipede.

7Organ Donation Instructions

If you really wanted to ensure something was known about you when you were no longer in a position to communicate, what would you do? One possible (and foolproof) solution is getting a tattoo with your final wishes, like this organ donor tattoo.

8Last Wishes Instructions

For those who feel strongly about not being resuscitated or put on life support, having those wishes tattooed on a your chest is a very appealing idea. The tattoo can never be lost and the wearer does not have to carry formal DNR documents around. Furthermore, emergency room practitioners are unlikely to miss these instructions prior to attempting resuscitation.

9Memorizing Temporary Tattoos

Hands up, who used to struggle with remembering quotes and important lessons in school? There's now a company called Armed With Truth (based in Colorado) that combines the need for an easier way to memorize quotes, with the fun of a temporary tattoo.

The folks behind these temporary tattoos wanted to help Christians memorize scripture. They came up with the idea of creating a range of temporary tattoos, which feature important verses that are helpful and encouraging, and packaged them in themes such as Fearless and Transformed Mind.

10Where to Place Beer Instructions

Last on our list but definitely not least, in case you get confused about where the beer bottle should go, this tattoo is definitely a lifesaver.