10 Of The Dumbest Terrorists Ever

Terrorists think their hearts are in the right places when they commit heinous acts against their enemies, but that doesn't mean their mind is in the right place. In fact, these guys were so dumb they couldn't pull off even the simplest acts of terrorism, and the world is a better place for it!

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1The terrorists who videotaped their training sessions

While planning an attack on Fort Dix Army base in New Jersey, a group of wannabe Islamic radicals came up with the bright idea of videotaping their training sessions.

They bought a camera from Best Buy and filmed themselves at the shooting range and yelling about attacking America. They then went to another electronics store for help getting their awesome footage off the camera and onto a DVD.

The store clerk wasn't a detective, or part of military intelligence, but it didn't take a genius to see that the guys waving guns around screaming for Jihad and calling for American lives were up to no good, so he called the cops and reported the would-be terrorists.

The men were quickly rounded up and taken to jail. With such clear-cut video evidence, it was easy for a jury to convict the men of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism, a charge which earned them a hefty sentence in prison and inclusion on this list!

2The 21 militants who died after their car bomb exploded

Driving while plotting Jihad may be dangerous to your health, but transporting a carload of bombs can be downright deadly, as a group of Iraqi militants discovered in early 2014.

21 potential terrorists were on their way to the city of Samarra in a car filled with explosives when the whole thing went boom on a lonely desert road, killing all the men instantly and foiling their plans of impressing the Taliban.

It seems that the car itself had been rigged to be used as a bomb, but why these 21 guys thought it was a good idea to roll around in the Deathmobile is anybody's guess.

3The terrorists who blew themselves up thanks to static electricty

Yemeni terrorists Salman al-Taezi and Walid Ashibi had big plans to blow up embassies in their native county, and decided the best way to do it would be by launching missile. Their plan would have worked, if it wasn't for that pesky little zapper known as static electricity.

Salman and Walid set up shop across from the Cuban Embassy and were preparing to fire the missile when Walid walked across the carpet generating so much static electricity with his feet that the missile accidentally misfired. It shot straight at Salman and killed him instantly. Walid suffered grievous wounds from the explosion and soon kicked the bucket himself.

If only they'd paid a little more attention in science class instead of spending all their time plotting to blow stuff up!

4The terrorists who's car blew up with them still inside

The fourth entry on this list had the biggest impact of any event on this list even though the terrorists failed in their attempt to blow up Glasgow International Airport.

The Jihadists in question tried to crash a car loaded with explosives into an airport terminal, but got stuck on the security bollards located well outside the front doors, and the car blew up while they were still in it!

One of the failed airport bombers died on the scene, while the other received a swift kick in the crotch before being thrown in prison for life.

5The terrorist who was killed by a text

We all know that text messaging can kill.

A Russian suicide bomber received a text message from a wireless carrier which triggered her belt bomb and killed her instantly, destroying any chance she had of making a political statement.

She was hoping to detonate a bomb and kill everyone around her during a New Year's Eve celebration in Red Square, Moscow, but an unexpected SMS text received while she was still in the safe house set her belt bomb off and blew her to bits.

Ironically, the message was from her wireless carrier wishing her a Happy New Year.

6The terrorism teacher who accidently killed himself and his class while teaching his students how to build a bomb

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that teaching a class on explosives to a bunch of newbie suicide bombers can be a dangerous affair, or does it?

An instructor at a terrorist training camp north of Baghdad was teaching a class on how to construct a bomb belt when the whole thing went off in his hands, killing him and all 21 trainees from Iraq and Syria in attendance.

Iraqi citizens reveled in their stupidity, calling their deaths an act of god and revenge for all the innocent lives terrorists have taken in the name of Jihad, but the instructor has only himself to blame for doing a demonstration with a live explosive.

7The terrorist who turned himself in for the reward money

You'd expect someone who was able to work his way up to being a Taliban commander to have some degree of intelligence or at least an instinct for self preservation, but Mohammad Ashan was dumb and careless enough to turn himself in, in an attempt to collect the finder's fee on his own bounty.

In April 2012 Ashan walked right up to guards at a police checkpoint and pointed to a wanted poster with his face on it, and declared, “Yes, yes, that's me! Can I get my award now?” Although the guards didn't believe anyone could possibly be that dumb, a biometric scan soon revealed that they actually had Mohammad Ashan in custody.

8The terrorists who forgot to get car insurance

A group of aspiring U.K. terrorists decided to go after the English Defense League, an organization notorious for spreading a racist and nationalist messages of an England free of all foreigners.

Whether the group had taken offense to the racist message or simply misunderstood how much the EDL meant to England is unclear, but for whatever reason they put together a sizable cache of explosives and to blow up everyone in attendance at an EDL rally. They packed the bombs into a car and headed to the rally, where they ran into one small problem –  the rally had already ended.

So, these practical thinkers decided to pack it in and save the bombs for a rainy day, but as they were driving home they got pulled over by the police and questioned about their car insurance.

The cops found the bombs and the idiotic Jihadists were thrown in jail and charged with a crime they'd never get the chance to commit.

9The terrorist who tried to light a bomb with a Zippo lighter and caused it to explode

Two terrorists in the Philippines targeted the Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center in Manila believing it would send a strong message, but were so dumb they couldn't figure out how to properly wire a bomb.

One guy tried with a Zippo lighter and accidentally triggered an explosion, which blew him to bits all over his buddy standing beside him.

A cab driver took the shell shocked man covered in gore to the hospital, where cops discovered the truth and arrested him.

10The troubled young British man turned bungling terrorist

Nick Reilly wasn't happy with the state of things in the world and much less so in his native England. The young man with a history of psychiatric problems and a family torn apart by crime and drug addiction changed his name to Mohammed Abdulaziz Rashid Saeed-Ali and took it upon himself to spread Jihadist terror throughout the U.K.

Reilly decided to kick things off in an attack against England at a café called Giraffe in Exeter. He made homemade nail bomb he was sure would wreak havoc on the café's patrons. Nick went into a bathroom stall to ready the bomb and accidentally set it off in his own face. The café customers went about their business not knowing what had happened.

Nick survived the nail explosion to the face, but now sits in prison for the rest of his life, unknown and soon forgotten.