10 Most Impressive Works of Makeup

For a photo series entitled 2D or Not 2D?, makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan applies body paint in such a way that it's sometimes impossible to tell that what you're looking at isn't just a flat painting.

Together with Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov, Kutsan transforms the faces of models into 2-dimensional paintings.

You may think this is a drawing, but it's actually the amazing work of makeup artist Karla Powell for her Pop Art inspired make-up series.

Artist and music lover Natalie Sharp painted her face to look like various album covers.

Sharp came up with this fun face painting concept as a way to pay homage to Record Store Day which took place on April 19th. She cites the albums painted on her face as inspirational to her art.

Each face took between 3 – 6 hours to paint and she didn't use any stencils – it's all freehand.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov (the same guy behind the 2D or Not 2D? project) recently teamed up with makeup artist Veronica Ershova and stylist Mikhail Kravchenko to bring to life an image that looks liked a Photoshopped nightmare.

Using nothing more than 3D makeup effects, flowers and some clever lighting, the trio managed to turn a model into Marge Simpson.

Check out this amazing medical makeup by professional airbrush and bodypaint artist Lisa Berczel, painted during the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in Los Angeles.

This is not a painting, drawing, or Photoshop. It is all makeup with the exception of tape to hold the model's eye shut and cover his eyebrow.

Looking at the picture on the left, you'd think it was a painting of an alien, right? Well, it is. Sort of.

It's just not a painting using paint or a canvas. The entire look was created with black and white eye shadow, black liner, foundation, and powder by Reddit user MissyDeanna.

This piece was inspired by the amazing work of Samantha Staines

Makeup artist Stephanie Fernandez was clearly born with innate makeup application skills. At just eighteen years old she's already creating looks worthy of appearing in Hollywood horror flicks.

Stephanie draws her inspiration from movies and popular culture, but most of her creations are truly unique and can't be traced back to one particular film – they're a product of her own twisted vision of dark beauty.

This wonderfully creepy face makeup is the work of artist Stephanie Hernandez who has turned her friend Laura Jones into a wooden doll. A combination of both makeup and prosthetics by The Scream Team were used to create the effect.

James Kuhn loves painting his face so much that one day he decided he'd do it differently every day for a year—and when that wasn't enough, he did it all over again!

Kuhn has taken his inspiration from every pop culture icon you can imagine –  there are plenty of sci-fi, fantasy and comic-book subjects.

Reddit poster SpecialXK came up with pretty scary makeup for 2012's Zombie Walk in Pittsburgh. The Walk is part of a Zombie Fest that was held in October 2012 in the city.