15 Hilarious News Chyron Mistakes

Mistakes in news graphics are pretty frequent these days. Check out these 15 funny and occasionally disturbing chryon fails.

Do not try to apprehend this dog, he may be armed and dangerous.

False flags at the Sochi Olympics.

What a horrible way to go!

No, the baby wasn't born under these horrible conditions, just a case of unfortunate news graphic timing.

At least they got the "south" part right.

Either a mistake or Halle Berry is in line for another Oscar.

That's it - I'm not going outside tomorrow.

The recipes are part of a book called To Serve Man.

This news graphics team believes "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Lets hope so.

No reports of any disruptions on Saturn.

Is the graphics team at Fox News smarter than a fifth grader? Probably not.

This isn't a chyron fail – as far as puns go, it's definitely a win in my book!

"One Nation Under A Groove"

Spelling the word "Maine" here would have made a world of difference.