10 Accidental Heroes

1Wife's Incessant Calling Saves Husband Trapped Under Truck

Trucker Tim Rutledge had a habit of talking to his wife every day at the same time while he was on the road. When he didn't call one morning, she became worried. So she called. And called. And called.

It turns out Rutledge wasn't having an affair, but had become trapped under his truck trying to loosen ice from the brakes. He couldn't reach his cellphone but felt it vibrating with each call. Eight hours later, a final call made the phone fall out of his pocket and within reach, saving his life.

2Teens Ogling Woman Save Her From Kidnapping

Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17, were stopped at a red light when they noticed a hot blonde woman in the backseat of the car next to them. Being teenage boys, they checked her out, but as they were ogling, they noticed her mouthing the words “help me."

The boys called the police and followed the car for a half an hour until they arrived. It turned out the woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint by the driver.

3Man Who Jokingly Took Pregnancy Test Finds Out He Has Cancer via Reddit

(The rage comic that started it all)

A bored guy took a pregnancy test left by an an old girlfriend just for fun, and had a laugh with his friend when it came up positive. The friend went on to make a “rage comic” (a crude comic-like meme) of the incident and posted it on Reddit. Several Reddit commenters were hip to the fact that pregnancy tests taken by men and turn up positive can be a sign of testicular cancer and implored him to get it checked out by a doctor. It turns out they were right. The guy may lose a nut, but at least he won't die.

4Med Student Spots Actual Condition in Man Pretending to be Patient

From right, medical student Ryan Jones, “actor” Jim Malloy, and wife Louise

Ryan Jones was a medical student at the University of Virginia and was part of a routine program where they hire actors to come in with ailments that the would-be doctors must diagnose. His assigned patient was pretending to have symptoms related to an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Ryan correctly identified the problem, and then upon further examination realized his pretend patient was actually suffering from the life-threatening ailment. These types of aneurysms can go undetected for years and then cause sudden internal bleeding, so Ryan's quick thinking is said to have saved the man's life.

5Doctor Notices Melanoma on Relative of Patient

Juli Vanderbuilt was merely accompanying her relative to Dr. Michael Romberg's office, when he noticed a spot on Juli's arm just as they were finishing up. The spot is usually covered, but she had been wearing shorter sleeves that day.

Luckily for her the doctor spotted the spot - it turned out to be malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. She was able to have it removed before it spread.

6Misdial Helps Save Woman's Life

Kenny Crater picked up the phone to find a strange woman on the other end, but instead of hanging up he ended up saving her life.

The woman, Loretta Smith, 70, fell off the bed during a stroke. She managed to get her phone and had been trying to call her son, but had misdialed one number, reaching Kenny instead. Kenny was in Bloomfield, CO and the woman in Cuyahoga Falls, OH but he managed to get her information and call her local police station, who sent someone over in time to save her life.

7Woman Saves Life of Stranger on Voicemail

In a similar story, Ashley Yasick also received a misdialed phone call from a stranger but only discovered it after she listened to her voicemail.

Thomas Buck had been trying to reach his sister-in-law, misdialed, and left a frantic message. Ashley called the number back, but Thomas – who was suffering from a bloodstream infection – could not speak. Ashley then resorted to Google to reverse look-up the number he dialed and found it was in Norwood, PA. Instead of calling 911, she called the local police directly on their non-emergency line and explained the unusual situation. They dispatched an officer to his address, discovered the ailing man, and got him to the hospital.

8Woman Coughs Up Inoperable Tumor, Saves Own Life

(You might also want to get that thing on your eye looked at...)

37-year-old Clair Osborne accidentally saved her own life just by hocking up a loogie. Clair felt a tickling in her throat and coughed, spitting out a 2 cm lump of tissue. She took it to the doctor and they told her it was metastatic adenocarcinoma, an extremely deadly form of mouth cancer. Upon further examination of the woman, it turned out the tumorous cancer had grown on a stalk in the back of her throat and had not yet spread to the rest of her body. “It appears you have coughed up your cancer. Congratulations,” she was told by the doctor.

9Man Rescues Baby from Dumpster, Finds Out He's the Father

A 29-year-old Canadian man was returning home from lunch when he was alerted by a neighbor about noises coming from a nearby dumpster that sounded like a baby crying. Immediately, the man jumped in and rescued the child, which had been wrapped in a plastic bag to die.

Here is where the story goes from heroic to odd: it turns out the man was the father of the newborn. His girlfriend (both parties are unnamed in the news) had been pregnant, but neither of them knew it because according to the man she “always had a bit of a belly." Earlier in the day the girlfriend had been vomiting and complaining of diarrhea and cramps. The man went to work, and while he was gone the girlfriend gave birth, panicked, and threw the baby in the trash. The boyfriend had returned home at lunch time because he said he had a “gut feeling."

10Truck Breaks Down, Man Finds Two Babies

Luis Rodriguez was having car trouble in South Los Angeles, so he pulled into a liquor store parking lot. This was unusual for him, as he said he never had problems with his truck. As he got out of the car, he noticed a 2-year-old boy and 3-year-old boy abandoned on the street. The children were taken into protective custody and they are currently looking for the mother.