8 Coolest Murphy Beds

1Castle Murphy Bed

Move over bunk beds, there's a new coolest bed in town! This castle murphy bed is just amazing. It's the facade of a castle, the drawbridge pulls down – and that's your bed. It's built by Etsy shop TinyTownStudios and selling for $3500.
Worth every penny if you ask me.

2Piano Murphy Bed

Convertible bed in the form of an upright piano. Built in 1865. Decorative Arts Collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

The piano was an important element of the parlor in the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The owner of this convertible piano-bed could, in a way, have his cake and eat it too – he could the propriety that a piano conferred on his parlor while gaining a reasonably comfortable sleeping unit for a large family living in limited space.

3Tardis Murphy Bed

A man in New Zealand (and might I say the best dad in the world) built a very special bed for his son. By day, it's a life-size TARDIS (the time machine from Doctor Who), but by night, it's a fold-down bed!

Not only does this TARDIS bed look awesome, it also has working lights and a telephone built into it.

4BedUp, Ceiling Bed

Coming from the house of Decadrages, the designer BedUP model offers the perfect comfort level without occupying much space.

Suspended from the ceiling, this novel piece can be accommodated in just 4 square meters of any apartment. By day, the bed is stored in the ceiling with the possibility of integrated lighting for the under-surface. At night, the bed comes down like an elevator and stops at a predetermined height, thus avoiding moving furniture that would have been placed underneath.

5Red Nest, Hidden Bed

French architect Paul Coudamy has designed the interior of the upper level of a small apartment in the 10th arondissement of Paris. The challenge was to provide a 250 square foot space with a bedroom, a full bathroom, a dressing area and work space. Coudamy successfully completed the challenge using a bookshelf with a hidden bed.

The bookshelf is a mobile block that controls the opening of the bed. Its U-shape covers the bed and shapes the room by closing the dressing area, the bed or the work space. This mobile system provides a closed sheltered bed without completely closing the space. A carmine red gloss paint reinforces the dimensions of the space and its boundaries by contrasting with the matte white walls.

6Vintage Locker Murphy Bed

This murphy bed was designed to look like a row of lockers. The two outside lockers are working storage units, while the lockers inside are fixed and fold down to reveal a hidden bed.

From the Poggyskids furniture line of baseball beds, this bed was customized in a vintage style to commemorate Babe Ruth's 1921 World Series. The price tag? $3080.

7Boxetti's Wall Bed

Latvia-based designer Rolands Landsbergs of Boxetti has created an ultra-compact bedroom set that contains everything you need in your bedroom (or any room.)

Landsbergs' “Bedroom in a Box” consists of a series of modules that are capable of transforming into a range of furnishings, including a bed, a desk, storage cupboards and a wardrobe.

Once they have been used, each module can be pushed back into the box and hidden out of sight. The minimalist design blends into most environments and is ideal for rooms and loft studios that have limited space. The bedroom unit is even equipped with a spotlight and an ambient lighting fixture above the bed's headboard.

8Pet Murphy Bed

Dog owners in cramped living spaces might appreciate the new Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed by Murphy's Paw Design.

Perfect for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs, the bed provides your pampered pet with a comfortable bed when needed, but fold up into a stylish piece of furniture when not in use. Just jump out, and lift it shut – ok, a little help from the owner might be useful!

Originally debuting at the Austin, TX Barkitecture event benefiting local pet charities in the fall of 2012, this unique dog bed received significant acclaim and the award for “Best Urban Dwelling."