13 Coolest Yard Snow Sculptures

Three New Brighton brothers took snow creation to a whole new extreme. Trevor, Austin, and Connor Bartz spent 95 hours making this 10 foot snow shark in their front yard!

The brothers say that they made a puffer fish three years ago, and creating a snow sculpture is an annual tradition.

For those who know sign language, this hand gesture sculpted into the snow means "I love you." But for others, it could be interpreted as something very offensive.

Reddit user ChanceyGardener posted a picture of the sculpture on the social networking site and wrote, "A few days ago I saw my neighbor, a deaf man, building what I thought was a snowman. Yesterday he finished his masterpiece."

While it was likely intended as a message of love, the gesture has several meanings.

It's the Moai in snow, or should I say the Snoai? This was seen in Waterloo, Ontario.

The Jerusalem Municipality held a snow sculpture contest last weekend, inviting people to submit their best work on their Facebook page. The entries ranged from whimsical to stunning.

The same boys who built the shark in 2014 created a snow walrus on their lawn, which took approximately 100 hours, the previous winter.

When it melts, it will look like a Shar-Pei.

This family created the best yard pet ever.

This is Love proposal, another snow sculpture photo on the Jerusalem Municipality Facebook page.

This bed snow sculpture is a great option if you have a teenage son who keeps missing his curfew.

This nine-meter dragon-shaped snow sculpture was made by local residents at a residential compound in Jilin, China. A 66-year-old local man and his neighbors spent more than 10 days turning their district into a snow sculpture park.

Olivia Foote and her 2-year-old daughter Dahlia look at a snow sculpture of a tiger in the front yard of a home in Missoula, MT.

Check out Snow Wars.

It's Jabba the Hub.