10 Coolest Stress Balls

The cool new Horriball ($ 3.99) isn't a very helpful stress-reducing squish ball, but it is a hilariously sick, twisted, and disgusting one that is perfect for pranks. When your victim gives this seemingly innocent stress ball a squeeze, clear bubbles filled with flies, rats, worms, or cockroaches covered in a bloody-looking liquid pop out of the holes. It's nasty fun.

These Cao Maru Stress Balls ($ 22) were designed by Makiko Yoshida – and they are totally trippy looking if I do say so myself. Besides looking weird, these funky little stress relievers can be squeezed, squashed, and stretched to help you get through a particularly long day.

Has your day been a right royal balls up? Does life seem nuts? Ease your frustrations with this pair of 'Stressticles' ($ 8.04)! Hilarious as an office gift for women or men, you can grab, squeeze, and poke this ball sack and it will squidge your troubles away. Don't spend thousands on therapy; give our rude stress balls a quick squeeze!

Does the stress of defending the galaxy have you at wits end? Then you need the Darth Vader Stress Ball ($ 12.99). Forcefully squeeze Darth Vader's head and feel the tension magically disappear. It is a quick way to restore peace and order to your mind.

No one can keep their hands off a squishy ball. You can be the most well disciplined person in the entire world - you could be Chuck Norris, but when someone sticks that little rubber sphere in your face you just gotta give it a squeeze. The Neon Mesh Ball ($ 3.99) takes it a step further by sticking said ball in a mesh netting, turning your quick stress relief into a handful of fun rubbery grapes.

They're disgusting, yet strangely relaxing when you give these skulls a little squeeze. It's a stress ball, desk toy, room decor, conversation starter, and loot watchdog all in one. Do you have trouble making decisions? Now you won't have to. Learn to delegate. Besides, two brains are always better than one.

Feeling overwhelmed and tense under pressure? Are you frustrated at work? Does your computer keep crashing? Don't let it get to you, take it out on poor old Paul ($ 11.88). He's there for all your stress busting needs. Keep him on your desk, in your pocket, or tucked in your handbag.

Nine out of ten gentlemen prefer nature's own stress balls - a lady's bosom. However, for those moments when you can't get your hands on the real thing (which can be a cause of stress in itself) the solution is here - Stress Chest, two bosom shaped stress balls ($ 9.86). There's one for each hand! They're perfect for juggling, too.

Are you looking to breathe a little life into your dark and dreary home decor? You need the drop dead gorgeous Golden Skull Foam Prop ($ 24.95). This life-size skull is made from squeezable, soft foam. It is not a toy, but it does make a fantastic oversized stress ball.

Stress balls are a great way to relieve tension, but since no gift is complete nowadays unless it comes with a USB cable dangling from it, this tech-take on the stress ball could be the answer. The USB Stress Ball ($ 14.6) not only provides some physical stress relief, but some virtual stress relief, as well.

Like any stock, standard stress ball this USB equipped version can be squeezed and twisted to your heart's content, but unlike its less technological cousins, it also translates the physical punishment being inflicted upon it to the images on your computer screen. If you receive an annoying email from Byron in accounting, grab the USB Stress Ball and feel that frustration dissipate as said email is pulverized. Sure, the annoying email will still be there when you release the stress ball, but you'll be in a much better state of mind to deal with it, and you'll have managed to avoid putting your fist through the screen.