10 Weirdest Ponchos

Are these not the coolest ponchos you've ever seen? The Pac-Man Ghost Ponchos (officially called “retro arcade ponchos” for legal reasons) come in either red or blue. Of course Pac-Man can only eat the blue ones, so which one you choose depends on what side of the coin you're on. Made of recycled plastic, these ponchos cost just $15.08 each. Rain will no longer mean “game over” for you. Really cool.

Just because it's raining doesn't mean that the sun can't be out! Wear this breakfasty free rain'ge Egg Poncho (8.99) and you'll be the yolkiest, driest and most hilarious looking character around! Keep your day the way you like your eggs, sunny side up! The outdoors have never been so eggcelent on a rainy day! This may even prevent you from getting a runny nose from the cold rain! So don't be an egghead and keep yourself dry! Great for festivals!

Intergalactic poncho.

Convertible clothing is always pretty cool. Of course, we can always leave it to the Japanese to think of something even crazier. Given the weather this looks mighty appealing right about now. Taking the simple poncho to new heights, you can now own this poncho that converts into a tent.

When it comes to Lady Gaga fashion there is often little to say. An outfit made of Kermit the Frog puppets? Really? We're speechless.

In Germany, Gaga took a break from posing nude in bubbles or in broken disco ball dresses or gimp masks to wear something even more outrageous. Who needs sparkles, giant buttons or glass shards when you have an entire poncho - complete with matching head gear - of Kermit the Frog dolls?

There are holes for two people in this poncho, one for mom and the other for her baby.

WTF Poncho with a weird mask and an even weirder horse tail.

Dollar Poncho.

I don't know much about ponchos, but this is definitely not the way to use one.

World Records are a fascination to be the best, tallest, oldest, fastest, and sometimes even the weirdest individual that ever existed. Well the people of Nobsa, Colombia are no different. With their hard dedication and crafty artisan skills, a few years ago they leaped into the book of records for creating the largest poncho ever made. In the hopes of honoring the local artists the poncho was weaved for 2 months for the town's famous International Poncho Day which takes place every year in May. Over 1,500 pounds of wool were used to create the magnificent poncho, which was then properly displayed on top of the town's Cathedral.