10 Most Creative Furniture Inspired by Books

If you have a heavy ton of books at your disposal, like what this library has, then you may want to take all of them and turn them into a convenient book desk. Just lay them out, and then place a well-cut piece of glass on top and you have a professional-looking front-desk that's usually made of wood, but now is made of books.

This chair is constructed from stacked books to create a stable structure, then coated with what appears to be many layers of polyurethane, in the hopes of ensuring its long term stability. Designed by Richard Hutten.

Like sweetened coffee creamer, it was only a matter of time until someone fused this quintessential pair of household objects into a single hybrid furniture object. Talk about a conversation piece!

Forget the photo albums and coffee table books of old – now you can have your coffee and eat the coffee cake too, without dropping crumbs or spilling on your favorite family photographs.

Here's another chair design using books, though with some wooden structure behind for reinforcement. This chair comes with wheels too, so you can move yourself by gliding along the ground if you are too lazy to walk.

This book bed brings a whole new meaning to being a book lover. It's fantastic if you can't sleep at night!

The Bookworm is a fun piece of furniture. The Dutch design studio Atelier 010 has completed a creatively ingenious bookshelf for people who like “sinking” into the universe of reading. Instead of going to a library to feel that particularly beautiful feeling of belonging to that universe entirely articulated by books, or escaping to the countryside in search of tranquility, you can now create a smooth reading ambiance in the intimacy of your home. With a modern look ready to offer a unique experience, the Bookworm not only keeps your favorite reading items together, but it also provides a warm sitting place.

What initially appears to be a bookshelf slides apart to reveal a library table with two tone-on-tone cushioned barrel chairs on casters and hidden compartments for your coveted first editions! The extraordinary, hand-painted, lacquer-finished top is faux burled wood with an ebony trim. Whether you choose it for its sleek, space-saving design or its elegant and novel style, this wooden heirloom will garner compliments in home or office.

A chair and a book shelf, this is a chic and practical way to have your favorite books right at hand.

A bath made of books. If you like to unwind by soaking in the tub with a good book, how about bathing in literature instead with artist Vanessa Mancini's "Bath of Knowledge?" This novel idea is made almost entirely out of books, each one cut and fitted by the artist herself. The books have been layered onto a metal frame that rests on top of four antique feet shaped like lions. Encompassed in tightly crafted book slabs, this tub is both as charming and captivating as the literature it draws from.

A bookworm will probably cringe at this idea of using old books to fashion a stylish headboard. But then again, if you're someone who loves to read books, wouldn't you also love to surround your haven and sanctuary with it? Now, imagine setting your head up in an array of books splashed as a headboard. Wouldn't that be a hoot?