10 Totally Crazy Beauty Gadgets

1Nose Straightener

I can't imagine that this actually works, but maybe it does. This Nose Straightener comes from Japan (of course) and clips into your nostrils where it will “help balance and push up the bones and contours of your nose, so it has an overall sharper, straighter shape, less round and more graceful.” It's $51 and made of silicone and polypropylene and it's recommended that you use it for 20 minutes a day. I'd recommend that you do that in private.

2Body Hair Thinner

The Mudage Jolie Body Hair Thinner is a handy device for men who don't want to scare girls away with their chest rug, but are reluctant to dispense with their body hair altogether! Simply pass it through your hairier areas to thin them down to a manageable amount. Safe, easy to use and not embarrassing at all, the Mudage Jolie is the answer to your hair dilemmas! There's even a choice of comb so you can vary how much hair you want to thin.

3Anti-Wrinkle Glasses

Embarrassed by those wrinkles starting to appear near your eyes? Slip on these goggle-style glasses and you won't look tired and old anymore! Just wearing the Mejikara for 5 minutes every day will improve the appearance of your face. On the inside of the glasses there are specially-designed ridges which massage and help your skin. It puts gentle pressure on the skin and pushes those sagging eyes back up to where they once were.

4Face Slimmer

Take a look at the Face Slimmer, an anti-aging piece of molded plastic. The intent of the product is to achieve perfect duck lips. I… am gonna pretend like I didn't know that. The Face Slimmer fits around the lips, forcing them open. The wearer is to recite each vowel sound out loud twice a day, three times a minute. The instructions suggest doing the exercises while bathing because — I don't know. Your face is more flexy then? Multitasking? I couldn't tell you, I'm a little unclear on the description on the product site.

5Makeup Mirror Attachment

Look good anywhere you go with the Makeup Mirror Phone Attachment . Not only does it let you apply makeup or do anything else you do with a small mirror, but it also becomes a kickstand to hold your phone up for viewing videos or photos or taking self-portraits (now that you've done your makeup). Simple and handy, it works on a variety of phones.

6Dryer For Nails

After "painting" your nails, simply put the hand below these tiny tubes, and pump the air with your other hand.

7Face Changing Jewelry

I'm not sure I totally “get” this jewelry design but they go right across your face and lift or pull your skin into bizarre positions. Created by Burcu Buyukunal, these pieces of jewelry distort your face. It's like a free temporary facelift.

8Beau Bust Roller

The Beau Bust Roller is the latest in a long line up of uncomfortable looking products designed to help you increase your bust size. Forget about Wonderbras and chicken fillets, this is an electronic breast stimulator which is designed to be rolled across the boobs. This torturous looking device is designed to react with a gel used across the area, and together this machine is meant to promote growth and firmness.

9Neck Stretcher

If your chin easily touches your collar bone, you might want this neck-elongating device. You put the device around your neck, like a collar, pump in a little air and the air pressure gently stretches the back of the neck and provides a refreshing sensation. Looking like a complete nut will set you back $26, also known as 3,000 Yen.

10Facebook Nipple Pasties

No more nip slips with these totally bizarre Facebook Pasties with Like and Poke Latex Pants.