10 Oddest Woman Only/Man Only Services

1Supermarket Creates a “Man Aisle”

Let's face it, men are lazy and they hate to shop. That's why Westside Market in New York City created a very special aisle just for men. Along one row in the market, men can find razors and shampoo, as well as beer, chips, and BBQ sauce. There's even coffee – Chock Full O'Nuts – get it? “Guys don't like taking lists when they go shopping,” observed Ian Joskowitz, chief operating officer.

2Japanese “Cuddle Cafes” for Men

Sure, brothels have existed for centuries where you could sleep with a woman. However, the Japanese have added a special “twist” – actually SLEEPING with a woman. Introducing Soineya, also known as a Cuddle Cafe, and for a fee you can lie down next to a (fully clothed) woman. This runs about 6,000 yen per hour, with such “a la carte” items as “customer sleeping in girl's arms” and “customer and girl stare at each other,” adding more to the price. After all, some of us just want and need someone to snuggle up to at night after a long, stressful day.

3Tampon Delivery Service

“That time of the month” just got easier. A new US company called Le Parcel came up with the ingenious idea of delivering feminine hygiene items once a month through the mail. Subscribers can choose their favorite brand, and the package includes chocolates and a “mystery gift.” No more late night trips to the 7-11!

4“Free Sex For Ladies” Brothel

Bib:Love Advertisement

It sounds like something out of a cheesy ‘80s comedy, but it's true: Two enterprising young lads from the University of Mannheim in Germany started something they call Bib:Love, offering up sexual favors gratis for young, lonely ladies. Their motto is "Good Grades Through Good Sex," and they believe that by offering up their manly prowess to ladies who are too busy with schoolwork to date or find a mate, that they will help them with their GPA as well as their G-Spot.

5Men-Only Beauty Salons

Sure, men can go to the barbershop, but nowadays they want more. In South Florida, boutique salons have been opening up catering to the pampered male. One such spot is called Man Kind - instead of just a shave and a haircut, theese places offer a cold beer, sports on TV, billiards, hair coloring, spa services, or even dry cleaning. This doesn't come cheaply: Memberships start at $500 per year.

6Women-Only Taxis

Taxis run by women, for women are all the rage in the UK. While assaults by taxi drivers are rare overall, there have been enough incidents to cause concern. One such company is Pink Ladies, whose female drivers operate a pink cab and only transport female passengers. Technically, these aren't taxis,since members pay a yearly fee, and the drivers ensure the passenger gets inside their destination safely. You could say it's not “Odd” but rather unfortunate that this service has to exist at all, but many women are thankful that it does.

7Sex-Specific Pilates for Golf

We think of Pilates as a fitness sport for women, and golf as a sport for men. What happens when you combine the two? Pilates for Golf, that's what. At the Fitness Studio of Orlando, they offer specialty classes, separated by the sexes, focusing on each gender's needs when it comes to upping their (golf) game. “Women tend to lack upper body strength because they have fewer muscle fibers in their upper body relative to men. However, they are usually quite flexible and sometimes even hyper-mobile, especially young golfers. Therefore, it is important to focus on increasing upper body strength while increasing stability. Men tend to have less body awareness than women. Therefore, the breath and breathing techniques will be a major component of Pilates work for men. Learning to articulate the spine (move one bone of the vertebrae at a time) will increase awareness and mobility of the pelvis.” These are some of the reasons they cite for this unusual delineation.

8Women-Only Hotel Rooms

Swanky hotels are also getting into the gender-specific business. The posh Dukes hotel in London recently unveiled its “Duchess Rooms” which cater specifically to women travelers. Ladies are escorted to the room by a woman, which includes such feminine touches as makeup mirror, hairdryer, and dressing room table in a convenient spot, as well as special, smaller slippers and specialized women's magazines.

9Men-Only Law Firm

With the divorce rate as high as it's ever been, some feel that men are getting the short shrift when it comes to custody, visitation, and child support. That's why Kenny Leigh and Associates opened four Florida-based law firms exclusively handling men's Family Law. “We believe that aggressive legal representation means fighting for men's rights,” Leigh is quoted as saying on his website.

10Handbag and Purse Cleaners for Women

We can understand dry cleaners for suits and wedding dresses, but purses? Nevertheless, Margaret's Cleaners in sunny Southern California specializes in just that. I guess if you spill caviar on your favorite Gucci or Prada handbag, you need a specialist to get those pesky stains out. Also, if you are outside of San Diego or Orange County, you can send it to them through the mail.