20 Cutest Examples of Animals Celebrating Christmas

These Bronx Zoo baby otters were born near the end of October, making them just old enough to participate in a Christmas-themed family photo only a month and a half later. Judging by those mugs, these two would rather get presents than sit around taking photos.

The London Zoo goes all out when it comes to ensuring their critters have a very Merry Christmas -and here are all their happy charges enjoying their tasty and cheerful holiday treats.

Even if Pumpkin could fly, I just don't think he's quite strong enough to join Santa's sleigh team, but at least his heart is in the right place.

Have you ever wondered what a Tom and Jerry Christmas special would look like if the cat and mouse were real? Well, this video might just answer your question.

Fuku's delightful reindeer hat won him the Cute Overload 2011 Hat-Off and, boy, does he ever look proud.

Just because Oskar is blind doesn't mean she can't see how fun it would be to play with this artificial Christmas tree that her owners are putting up.

These two are just here to wish you a Bunny Christmas.

Does your tree look a little bland this year? Then consider letting some chinchillas run around in it to spruce things up a bit.

Lizards might not be the first critters you think of when you think about Christmas, but that might be because they've never looked quite this festive before.

This artificial tree might not be all the way up yet, but that won't stop Whiskey from attacking the branches.

Perl here is ready to traverse any winter wonderland with her stylish hat and sweater combo.

Here is Dante the African Grey Parrot squawking you a "Merry Christmas."

These two cute ferrets certainly don't need mistletoe to get their Christmas smooches ready.

Teddy the Talking Porcupine is a big fan of Christmas, as long as it means he gets to enjoy delicious gingerbread treats.

Christmas brings people together like no other time of year -and seeing these dogs together with this cat, you can tell the same is true when it comes to critters.

Here are the gorgeous felines from the Big Cat Sanctuary unwrapping and enjoying their presents.

Grapes on pine cones and bags full of other treats? This baby wallaby might have no idea what Christmas is all about, but he certainly is enjoying it.

What does box-loving Maru have in his stocking? Himself, of course, and he couldn't be happier about it.

Nativity scenes have really gone to the dogs over the last few years -and that is a good thing when it is quite literal.

Here is little Bo Obama inspecting the amazing array of Christmas decorations in the White House.