10 Coolest Music-Inspired Cookware Items

Looking for a practical gift for the music-lover in your life? Look no further.

1Keyboard Plate

Found on Etsy, this unique hand-made piano key plate is an instant conversation-starter.

2Guitar-Shaped Skillet

Perfect for sizzling acoustic riffs. Also, for frying stuff. That too.

3Music Motif Cookie Cutters

Also good for making pancakes.

4Guitar-Shaped Spatula

Perfect for flipping those musical pancakes!

5Get Chopin Cutting Board

Chopin, choppin'.... We see what you did there.

6Shredder Cheese Grater

This thing really shreds.

7Mix Up The Menu Cutting Board

Does anyone remember cassette tapes? This retro cutting board reminds us of making the perfect mix tape.

8Boom Box Mug

Speaking of retro, check out this awesome coffee mug that is designed to look like a portable stereo.

9Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray

Stir up your cocktail with this funky ice cube/stirrer combo.

10Mix Stix Spoons

For the drummer in your life, these mixing spoons are half drum stick, half wooden spoon.