13 Coolest ‘Just Married’ Photos

This article was made in honor of Oddee's creator, Nahum Dam, who is getting married today.

Ghetto wedding.

We're a Facebook World-- Let everyone know you're newlyweds with a "Just Changed Status" sign on your wedding car. Pretty funny! Make sure to post it to Facebook, as well!

Photo Credit: Joe Simon Wedding Films

There aren't many events in your life that can create unforgettable memories. One of them is a wedding, and Alexander Bickov, a web designer from Latvia, thought that he could use a wedding idea like this.

Often you can see wedding cars riding the streets with old cans and a sign saying “Just married.” That's a great wedding tradition and usually has a nice design. However, Alexander recycled that wedding idea into something more practical.

In the event that you have to stop and get some rest, if you are camping you will probably sleep in a tent. Alexander attached this sign to his tent on his wedding trip. This is the actual photo, and as you can see now everybody knows who lives in that tent (you hope that nobody will bother you them). They are, after all, a married couple on vacation.

Just married? Congratulations! You're about to embark on a roller coaster that us married folks call married life. It's kind of like this art installation by Argentinian artist Luciano Podcaminsky, aptly titled "Just Married" (2012). Fasten your belts (and wait until you have kids!).

From the bride who married a possessive husband.

When you're married your world turns upside down, literally, as this funny Polaroid tinted picture seems to say.

These flip flops are a great idea if you are planning to have a beach ceremony.

How long does this marital bliss last?

Honeymooning in Walt Disney World.

Newlyweds Grant Engler and Amanda Volf are far from traditional. When they got married in Newport Beach, California, they didn't walk down the aisle — they flew down the aisle on jetpacks.

So, of course, their ‘just married' sign had to come on a jet ski.