10 Coolest Photos Taken During A Flood

Hernelie Ruazol and Ram Campo didn't realize that their vow "for better or worse" would be tested so early. They were married inside a church but exited to a deluge. "I only wished to have a simple wedding but we had an extraordinary one!" said Hernelie, an elementary school teacher.

Mermaid spotted (I didn't know mermaids wear crowns).

Ashton Kutcher was coming back from a walk with his entourage when it started raining heavily and just before entering his hotel, the actor decided to check out the waves. (Sao Paulo, Brazil.)

Gotta update my profile picture

Practice, practice, practice—this must be for the next Olympics.

Just touring around…

Meanwhile, in Thailand...

Basketball with a twist

Peace of mind in a piece of bed

Race it is!