Another 12 of the Coolest Benches

The book bench. Nothing says literacy better than reading while sitting on one of these.

Robert Rickhoff, a photographer in Germany, photoshopped small changes to common architectural and transportation designs. Some could be dangerous, but I'd have fun with a slide bench.

AllesWirdGut Architektur have converted an abandoned steel mill into a sleek public park, leaving many of the old structural remnants in place. The bi-level tunnel bench is especially brilliant.

Peeled Pavement Bench from TheFancy.

A bench modeled after the Brooklyn Bridge, found in Brooklyn Heights.

This casual bench by Italian furniture brand Campeggi is a fun piece for your balcony, deck or garden if you're looking for a stylish spot to sit, lie and swing. Designed by Emanuele Magini, the Siesta bench incorporates a care-free hammock-style seat with a sturdy structure and backrest.

A Paris-based artist created this Huge Sudeley Bench, made out of twisted steel, back in 2010.

New York City's Stoop Bench is a multi-functional piece of furniture that could easily be shifted between a bench and a stair. As shown in the pictures, it could flip over to change into stair mode or double-bench mode, just as easy as that!

Dodge Ram Bench.

Tired? Why don't you sit down on this ... whaaaa?! Actually, you're looking at Modified Social Benches by artist Jeppe Hein, which are located throughout the city of De Haan in Belgium, for the contemporary art event Beaufort 04.

Satoshi Itasaka's Balloon Bench, inspired by the 1953 French film Le Ballon Rouge, looks like it's cleverly suspended by floating balloons. In reality, it's suspended from the ceiling by four anchors concealed by sculptures.

If you've ever had to move heavy outdoor furniture, you'll agree that this makes plenty of sense. The Mobile Bench was designed by Dutch artist Rogier Martens. Instructions for making your own are illustrated.