20 Weird, Funny & Half-Assed Comic Con Costumes

All photos by Jill Harness and Zeon Santos.

1The Sexiest Slave Leia Ever

2Bearded Princess Leia

3A Gnome On A Mushroom

4A Few Gents From Gentlemen Broncos

5Like Father Like Son

6The Trashiest R2D2 Ever

7Hello R2D2

8Coors Light Man

Just look at that six pack!

9Pimp Vader & Disco Boba Fett

10El Topo Chico

11The Human Being Comic Book

12The Evil Power Ranger?

13Everyone Loves Chocolate

14America Man?

15Star Burns Has Really Gone Downhill

16Ghetto Mermaid Man

17Green Man & Friend

Seriously, if you're going to go as Green Man, at least have the balls to not wear shorts over the spandex.

18When Geeks Go Rave

19The Most-Half Assed TARDIS Dress Ever

20Thor & CaptainAmerica

At first glance, these costumes don't look that bad...until you realize they're made from duct tape.