10 Hilarious Butt Crack Solutions

1Wear a Matching T-shirt

These shirts were printed specifically for a photo shoot by Markus Mueller, but our own Jill Harness thinks they should become a reality as the new official uniform of plumbers around the world.

2Duct Tape it

If you are short on cash or need a quick solution, you can use this DIY cover.

3Use a Butt Crack Detector

The Butt Crack Detector is a wearable hip-pack that vibrates when your butt crack is accidentally exposed to save you from a potentially embarrassing situation. How does it work? Simple. When your pants drop too low, this exposes the photoresistor to light which then triggers a motor to start vibrating.

4Cover it up with an inventive sticker

5Tattoo it

This lady was tired of her ass crack always showing when she bent down (and she had also been thinking about getting a tat for a while) so she decided to solve both problems at once!

6Hide it

Want to put an end to bending over only to find that your bum cheeks have been on display to the world? One designer may have come up with a solution for you. The Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield, created by designer Kimberly Brewer, is a stylish cover that prevents any unfortunate butt-crack revelations.

Made of hypo-allergenic denim, and decorated with studs and rhinestones for added bling, the Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield is applied directly to the skin, and sits above the waistband protecting the wearer's modesty and morals like a tiny, fashionable nun. The BGCS can be bought online from Brewer's Kimberlily site. Now all she needs to make it really take off is offer a customized version, which, instead of rhinestones, just features an advert for your plumbing services. She'd be on to a winner.

7Leave some for the imagination

Designer Hussein Chalayan didn't leave much to the imagination with this dress from his Fall 2009 collection. A super short mini-dress with a low back and leather insert that suggests exposed ass-cleave? Something tells me Paris Hilton will be calling!

8Confuse viewers

Lance is the author, creator, and exclusive worldwide purveyor of this butt crack jersey, offering these for sale on his website at cyclebuttcrack.com. He's a fine young gentleman, an architect by trade, and has discovered a most subtle and tasteful way for fellow cyclists to show their butt cracks to the world.

9Tan it

“Splitting the buttocks permits you to tan your buttcrack hands-free”.

If you are going to show it, it's better to have a little tan.

10Or… You can wear it with pride

And give a dirty look to everyone that stares.