10 Unique Ceiling Fans

This looks like an RC helicopter landed upside down on your ceiling but it's actually Raffaele Iannello's new ceiling fan. It's a 1:6 scale model of the Hughes/MD 500 mounted on what appears to be a helipad. Do the narrow blades cool well? Yes, they are extremely cool.

An unusual collector's item featuring gaming's most iconic plumber shows up on the world's biggest online flea market, eBay.

All of the four ceiling fan blades separately feature a character from Super Mario Bros.: there's Mario – punching you in the face, his brother Luigi – making a face that suggests he need to visit the little plumbers room, Princess Toadstool – stuck in a small tower, and King Koopa – who appears to have stayed a little too long out in the sun. The total number of these Super Mario Bros. ceiling fans ever produced is fuzzy at best, although one thing is certain, this collectible is an extremely rare item (kind of like trying to find Kuribo's shoe in Super Mario Bros. 3) and when they do pop up on the eBay market, they can sell for wild prices – upwards of $25,000. Absurd.

The Cumulos Ceiling Fan is one of the most unique ceiling fans I've ever seen. It eliminates the traditional exposed blades of a typical ceiling fan and puts the fan itself behind a grill within a circle of lighting. The whole thing ends up looking more like a very modern chandelier than a ceiling fan. It sort of reminds me of an alien spacecraft landing. The 30? diameter fan fixture comes with six 25-watt bulbs for lighting, three fan speeds and a wireless remote. Of course this design eliminates the whole “throw a sock in the ceiling fan and watch it go flying” game but sometimes style triumphs over fun.

A design student from the University of blade fans. This Ribbon Ceiling Fan recently won an Australian Design Award in the student design category. Benjamin McMahon has a patent pending for his ribbon-inspired design/invention that not only looks like a fast, free-flowing ribbon, spinning in suspension, when it's turned on, but this fan is actually more efficient than other ceiling fans, perhaps even limiting the need for air conditioning in some environments.

Making use of the geometry of a helical loop, the unique blades are able to focus air in a wider circumference from the fan than current fan blades. Another positive feature of the Ribbon is that it uses standard fixtures for installation, making it much easier to replace a standard fan.

It takes a special kind of designer to look at an item and combine it, in his mind, with a completely unrelated item. Such was the case with Philippe Malouin. According to his website, the idea for his Dervish Lamp came to him one day while he was repaying a favor from a friend.

“While borrowing a friend's car for the day, I decided to have it washed to show my gratitude. I pulled into an automated carwash, and while inside, I couldn't help but notice how the carwash brushes completely alter their shape from flimsy drooping hair covered rods to massive powerful beams. Could this quality of transformation be applied to the home sector? Where would a transforming apparatus find use in the home?”

The resulting lamp/ceiling fan does indeed invoke thoughts of car wash brushes when in motion. And the spectacle of this device in your living room would undoubtedly be more interesting than the dull wood-grain blades characteristic of most others. One of the best parts of the Dervish lamp is the metamorphosis it undergoes when put into motion. When the flexible strands are standing still, the lamp has a soft and sophisticated look. But set the device spinning and the strands stand out in an exuberant display. The energy and whimsy are most definitely akin to spinning dancers.

This is the Traditional Indoor fan from the Traditional Gyro ceiling fan collection by Minka Aire. The Minka Aire Gryo ceiling fan is a truly unique design offering an unsurpassed level of comfort. Traditional Gyro's ability to precisely control the direction and intensity of the cooling breeze efficiently circulates air in any size or shape room.

Apparently these uniquely shaped batman blades move air just as well as a traditional blade design and if you're not a fan of bats the website also suggests they could be passed off as ‘Dragon' wings. The Bat/Dragon Wing Fan Blades are available from Etsy in sets of 4, 5 or 6 starting at $40.

The Brisa 2000 ceiling fan is pretty funny looking. That's because the fan actually orbits around that big sphere in the center, allowing for all kinds of air mobility! You can rotate the fan itself from straight down to straight up, depending on the season, so it's also quite functional. It's also rather expensive -- $1000 a pop. But you can get them in all kinds of different finishes and the company accepts custom orders as well. I actually made one myself, and it turned out surprisingly alright. It makes getting in and out of the bunk-bed a little dangerous, but if you do get hit it isn't that painful. Would you believe.....?

Windmill Ceiling Fan - great idea for farm/ranch office.

Designed by Alexander Ignon, the Loft Wing Ceiling Fan has brought us back to those old days when we were using palm-leaf fans to cool ourselves. The dramatic ceiling fan is aimed at both small living rooms and other large public buildings where energy-saving and artistic products are rather welcomed. The high quality German geared motor not only makes the fan work quietly, but needs only 15 watts of electricity to cool the room. To top off the great design, Loft Wing Ceiling Fan's dimension and color can be made on request.