10 Strangest Milkshake Flavors

For those who love their shakes warm and fatty, this shake is, in fact, bacon-flavoured rather than bacon-infused. That means it's technically vegetarian if you wanted to stretch the point. It comes from the Jack In The Box chain in the U.S., and is flavoured with Torani bacon-flavored syrup, rather than thick, chunky strips of pure hog fat.

Speaking of odd food flavors, here are some buffalo-wing milkshakes.

So weird!! When it comes to bizarre drinks Japan will never let you down. This is a pancake-flavored milkshake sweetened with syrup. It can even be warmed up!

Behold the cocktail that only the most ardent McDonald's lover would drink (and maybe not even then): The McNuggetini. Mix McDonald's chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka and pour into a barbecue sauce-rimmed martini glass topped off with a McNugget.

Sweet potato milkshake.

Pie Shakes. Just choose your slice of pie and flavor of ice cream.

Caramel Corn in drink form sounds a little odd, but it's yummy.

It's a little strange to put an avocado in a milkshake, but these are actually very popular in Asia and South America.

Pumpkin pie milkshakes!

Beer milkshake!