12 Extremely Long Tattoos

This tattoo has over 880 words. Be sure to hit the link to read the entire text.

Longest line tattoo ever.

These Japanese tattoos were from the mid-thirteenth century, and were thought to have been started as penalties for convicted villains like thieves and murderers, or indicated people belonging to the mafia.

Often the background is colored, even black, which further brings out the beauty of the drawings. These great Japanese tattoos often cover the entire body through the center of the chest over the sternum.

The most common themes are mythical animals, Buddhists, Suikoden scenes and geishas.

Jay at Cang Long Tattoo, Shanghai.

British photographer Richard Sawdonsmith has been working to expand his anatomical tattoos. A recent addition to Richard's body is a full length tattoo on his back, based on an autopsy scar inspired by Jeffrey Silverthorne's photos of the 1970s. Silverthorne is famous for his photos based on sex and death.

This magical tattoo (or roi sak) is very famous in Thailand. The shapes or pictures are most likely to be creatures and strange text.