12 Most Extreme Fashion Makeup Ideas

Winter makeup.

Make-up artist and beauty consultant Julie Begin has worked with the best in fashion to create her inspiring portfolio. She has worked with the houses of Galliano, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs as well as industry favorite photographers, including Ellen Von Unwerth and Mick Rock, but the thing that stood out most to me was her involvement in the creative process of Cirque du Soleil's OVO.

Peacock design.

Fashion East never fails to disappoint, and this was no different. There are no words to describe this intricate hair and makeup look from the 2010 season's catwalk!

Jeepers creepers - hello eye curtains, by Diego Binett.


Krista is a Malta based makeup artist specialising in makeup for photography, theatre and film. She has a creative flare which inspires some extreme makeup.

Crafty Lady Abby went to a zombie wedding in full skull makeup. It turned out so well that she posted the makeup process as a tutorial for you. You might not have a wedding this would be appropriate for, but a Halloween party would be the perfect place to show off your skull skills!

Imagine an alternate Star Wars in which R2-D2 is a human-shaped droid. This is what his/her eye would look like. Makeup master Jangsara made this composition for Star Wars Day.

Roar! These lioness eye brows paired with tanned skin and muddy faces sure are savage looking - from Topshop Unique.

Iselin Steiro for Vogue Paris, June 2010
Make-up by Alexandre Vauthier using Dior.