12 Hilariously Bad Wedding Proposals

I know that most of us feel Walmart is our second home, but please, please don't pop the question in a soda display in a supermarket. You can do better than that.

Do you wanna know how this story ended? With the following headline:

“Man turned down by his girlfriend is charged with assault with a deadly weapon”. Seriously.

Outdoing a dish washing wedding proposal was very tough, but this guy managed to do so with a Facebook proposal.

Marriage proposal done in bad graffiti won't do it either.

Check your sign first.

Being romantic and using red roses won't compensate for your orthography faults.

When people advise you to take your girlfriend to her favorite restaurant to pop the question they are not talking about fast food.

Tricking your girlfriend into thinking you are dying while proposing may be a hell of funny prank, but not the best idea for a romantic marriage proposal.

Watch the video:

Puking would be a nice answer to this proposal.

Popping the question during a girl's most awkward moment is bad enough. And also, is it me, or is this guy totally failing at medical ethics?

What could possibly go wrong with a wedding proposal during Christmas on the first snow of the year? Oh, yes, your guy deciding to pee the message in the snow.

You want your proposal to be memorable, not unerasable. Also, there is always a chance she may say no.

I image somewhere in the world there's a Caroline Summers with a “no” tattooed on her back.